How I made Heaven Salt Glow

What does Rodeo drive have to do with heaven salt glow?

I was asked once to go to Los Angeles to stay in a mansion and occasionally do facials round the pool ‘ hard life eh! So off I went!


rodeo drive

At this party at the mansion some of the members of the band Duran Duran had got together with the light house family because they were recording and had a jamming session (how lucky did I feel to get up close and personal, and be witness too a private showing!)


I had the most wonderful time with my friend  Tracey Taylor (wife of one of Duran Duran band members) we went out shopping and visiting the area, it would have been rude not too considering the location we were in!
Tracy treated me to a day at a spa on Rodeo Drive, I chose a treatment called salt rub.
I lay on a table and got rubbed with course salt and sprayed  with water, while lying there I thought “this is a bit harsh” but I knew how good real salt is to detox the body so I hung on for dear life and planned my own salt treatment.

Andy & Tracey Taylor


Image Credit

That evening relaxing in the mansion with my skin glowing I chatted to my friend as the music flowed from another room from the light house band jamming, and all the time I was developing my own Salt Glow Body products in my head!


Salt Glow KitThe new heaven salt glow treatment was born of fine Mediterranean Sea salt, algae and kelp mixed with a dreamy oil of jasmine (stops you wanting to eat and makes you feel fearless and contented)


The Salt Glow is rubbed on each area of the body, then each section has warm water gently poured on , as the salt dissolves on the surface of the skin, the muscles relax and you feel a sensation that your body is lifting right off the warm couch.

As the therapist gets to the end of the sea salt application, each limb is light as the toxins have disappeared and tense muscles have turned to smooth pain-free skin, but it’s not over yet! warm oil now gently effleuraged back along the journey the therapist hands have already taken.

You awaken a new glowing skin and uncluttered mind ….Heavenly!

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From Palace to Prince…………

“There are moments in my life that I just sit and have to take in what heaven has given to me and my family, there are so many things that one could only ever dreamed would happen in ones life…….Heaven has made those dreams a reality”

No week or day is ever the same in my life, and some weeks just stand out more than others ….this week was one of those weeks !

My week started out with a royal invitation to the trooping of the colour at St James palace, where I took along my friend Caroline, it’s always hard to put into words how special my time with members of the royal family really is.

 Always a pleasure being in Camilla`s company, such a genuine warm and true lady.

My Dear Friend Caroline

My Dear Friend Caroline

 So after a world wind visit to the palace It was time to hop on a plane to Barcelona for the launch of Heaven at Celebrity Michelin star Chef Jordi Cruz`s luxury award-winning Hotel spa and restaurant , and to wow the Spanish press!

Celebrity Chef Jordi Cruz

Celebrity Chef Jordi Cruz

 I have eaten and stayed at some of the best hotels in the world, but this one takes some beating, the food , the service the ambiance all adds to make this one of the best , if not the best in the world, but don’t just take my word for it, check it out here:

ABaC Spa

ABaC Spa

Jordi Cruz is an absolute gentleman and a perfectionist who is as passionate about his food as he is about his beautiful hotel, which you can rest assure is a place where you can brush shoulders with celebs from all walks of life, and you will be treated like one too.

This Hotel is award-winning Michelin star standard, along with the restaurant and spa  the staff are too, if ever you wish to experience a sensation like no other, then this is the place to stay, I stayed in a very special part of the hotel where you have to walk through the kitchen to a private lift to your room , and on route are able to see the master-chef at work!

photo (5)

I ordered room service (I was pekish!) and Jordi personally prepared and cooked my soup, which was out of this world…heaven on the palate , filled with exotic mushrooms and little balls of parmesan that exploded with flavour in your mouth and you could feel it right to your toes, (my mouth is watering just writing this and recalling the memory!) and it looked like a work of art, almost a shame to eat and disturb the masterpiece before me.

Not Just any Soup!

Not Just any Soup!

I was having such a wonderful time it was easy to forget why I was actually here, so with the press launch imminent it was time to showcase to the ABaC Hotel and Spa and invited press why Heaven will fit beautifully within their Spa as well as how proud I am to have Heaven at this beautiful location, and to have my very special long time friend at my side made it even more special.

Carole Ragonessi

Carole Ragonessi

 The Spanish press treated me so well and loved Heaven, each gushing over every product handed to them, and they adored the new packaging.

Spanish Press Call

Spanish Press Call

All mine!

All mine!

It didn’t take long for the Spanish press to report the event!

I am still floating on air after my royal visit, and since my stay at the ABaC hotel I am filled with pride that Heaven is now at their spa, the whole trip was an absolute dream, Jordi Cruz has cherry picked the best for his stunning hotel, and to have him choose Heaven is an honour.

Thank you Jordi and too Heavens Spanish Distributor Jaquie Fowler for arranging the whole event and for introducing Heaven to the ABaC hotel


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Press Launch New Branding The Langham London……

This week was such an exciting week for me and all of the heaven team, we had a very exclusive press launch at London’s finest

The press day was to showcase to the worlds media my new packaging and new products. A fabulous day filled with wonderful people from industry media to friends, family and all the Heaven staff.

The day started out with a champagne & Canapé reception , followed by a presentation by me to showcase the beautiful new Heaven branding.

The Heaven Press Story in pictures!

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Heaven by Deborah Mitchell announces relaunch & new products

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell has announced its relaunch for September, featuring new sleek, hi-tech packaging and a range of new products. The brand specialises in a collection of anti-ageing, natural skincare products and treatments for the face, body and hair, developed with organic ingredients to encourage a radiant, flawless complexion while assisting in the healing of skin conditions, from blemishes to eczema and ageing. For the relaunch, Heaven will be introducing products that combine nature and technology to protect and rejuvenate the skin. Products include: Heaven Hydrogels, the first treatment toner containing a specialises type of polymer hydrogel; Silk Skin BeeBee Cream, an anti-ageing product that is gentle on the skin, containing hyaluronic acid and the Abeetoxin ingredient developed by Heaven skincare; Willow-Bee Mask & Cleanse, which evens skin tone, closes open pores, clears blackheads, cleanses and firms, while having an anti-ageing effect on the skin.
Launch date: September
Prices: t.b.c
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I own heavenbydeborahmitchell – my staff have have made it a success.

thanking is never enough but it helps, i wish to thank all my staff for all their care and love of the job that has made my life so much happier. your hard work and consideration of all our customers is beyond employees.

xxxxxx friendsxxxxxx

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The Body Beautiful Has Never Looked So Good……

Don’t you just love this time of year, when you can see and feel that summer is just around the corner, everyone looks happier, more contented, colors return to your everyday wardrobe, the smell of BBq`s fills the tea time air etc etc… you get where I am going with this?, however with these wonderful visions comes the realization that
body-polish1your summer holiday is approaching and you want to look your best when you hit the golden sands right?



Up until now your body has been comfortably hidden under layers of winter clothes and the time has come to flash a bit of flesh….I can hear you all going into blind panic, don’t worry help is at hand!

I think the one thing none of us seem to have enough of these days is time, so having products that have multiple uses is always a welcome addition, and enables us to look after ourselves without it hindering our busy lifestyles.

Order Now

Heaven’s body washes are made with organic soap wort, so no heavy bubbles to dry out your skin, just rich natural ingredients to cleanse, hydrate and detox your skin, along with sensory benefits for mind-body and soul.

Cellulite Body Wash
Anti Cellulite Body wash to tone and tighten for total body confidence

Dream Body Wash
Dream Body Wash will ensure a restful sleep

Total Detox Body Wash
Total Detox Body wash to refresh and invigorate

Order Now

Using body scrubs and detoxing products will not just sloth away dead skin cells, they will kick-start circulation and break up fatty deposits stored in those stubborn areas, leaving clearer, brighter more toned skin, and circulation will improve dramatically.

Salt Glow
Salt Glow to smooth the body and leave you super soft

After Sports Body Wash
After Sports Body Wash to cool and calm those hot bodies

Heaven Scent
Heaven Scent body spray to awaken the senses and lift the spirits

Order Now

We all want tighter , toned firmed skin and with Heaven’s firming body range you can enjoy smoother dimple free skin. Slacked skin will become visibly firmer and fluid retention will be a distant memory, and your new softer skin will be everlasting.

Body Firming Moisturser
Body Firming moisturizer to firm slackened skin

Cellulite and Firming Cream
Cellulite and Firming Cream for smoother dimple free skin

Firming and Stretchmark Cream
Firming and Stretch Mark Cream to smooth and tone

Order Now

We never forget the hands at Heaven , and our hand and nail care range is designed to keep your nails healthy and strong, and your hands cleansed and super hydrated, infused with natural organic ingredients, our hand and nail care range will protect and keep your hands their youthful best.

Vanilla Pod
Vanilla Pod hand and nail to hydrate hands and strengthen nails

Velvet Hand Wash
Velvet Hand Wash will hydrate, freshen and restore PH balance

Velvet Hand Cream
Velvet Hand Cream for softer, smoother more youthful hands

You can enjoy all of these products. 




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Chocolate Masks & Heaven Hugs

There is a fragrant aroma of chocolate in the air……and as if that wasn’t enough to make you smile, we also have a long weekend to look forward to!


Easter weekend is one I always look forward to, because it means family time, and with my busy lifestyle , Easter comes as a

choc meltedwelcome break from the norm, and along with this comes a mountain of chocolate that could fill Mr wonkers factory!


All chocolate at Easter is welcomed but none more so than Belgian Chocolate!

The great bonus about Belgian chocolate is that it has a lower sugar content, which means fewer calories too, although the outer shell of a chocolate egg is usually coated with extra sugar to give it that shiny glazed looked, so the inside contents of the egg are usually lower in sugar and calorie content.

So with this abundance of yummy chocolate around , instead of carrying the guilt of extra inches on the waste line, why not melt them down and pamper yourself with a chocolate face mask! (and yes you can lick the bowl afterwards)

What you need:

Milk Chocolate

One Spoon of yogurt

One Egg white

Start by melting the milk chocolate (resisting the temptation to eat it!) add one spoon of yogurt and one egg white.

Mix them together in a bowl, and apply to the face and neck and leave for 20 minutes.


As the mask sets on the skin the egg white ingredient Albumin will tighten and firm, and as it is also full of protein, will infuse the skin with its nutrients, and the live ingredients in the yogurt will have an antibacterial action on the skin.


After 20 minutes rinse off the mask with warm water and an Ellajane celebrity Skinwipe, to reveal brighter, clearer, firmer and younger looking skin !

…….and best of all it saves the waste-line!


This year we have teamed up with to bring the ultimate in Easter Luxury.

Handmade Belgian Chocolate eggs, and inside each one a mystery along with a Heaven Skincare Voucher, anywhere from £10 to £100 to use at the Heaven Salon and Spa in Shifnal 

easter the one final !!


 Have a Heavenly Easter

Deborah x

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