‪If all we had to do was #sleep, #drinkWater And #exercise, to all look our best. ‬

What would you say if I told you IT IS! 

Each night, we do not SLEEP our bodies think we are on high alert and we create a stress reaction but  if you sleep well the next night that stress reaction goes and the body goes back to relax mode.


When we are in HIGH ALERT MODE this H.A.M creates the stress reaction like you are about to fight a Dinosaur. This produces CORTISOL this we need to stop pain if the dinosaur bites us and makes us heal quickly. Only  H.A.M was poduced from just less sleep along with ADRENALINE.  Not a dinosaur or any other threat to us. 

So why is this so bad?

Long term H.A.M is bad for us because the CORTISOL eventually can leave its toll on our bodies by causing puffiness under our eyes and holding water in our bodies, this is to dilute the cortisol when it’s not been used to fight the dinosaurs.

Other symptoms ACNE, LINES and HAIR LOSS. can all be contributed to OVER PRODUCTION of CORTISOL.

While the body had one job to save its life, it does not at that time produce COLLAGEN or ELASTIC that make us look younger.  

It’s not just lack of sleep that causes H.A.M. But drinking too much coffee, eating foods that we are sensitive to and #stress in the #workplace.


Coffee produces ADRENALINE this in turn releases cortisol. We get the alertness from adrenaline it also has addictive qualities this cortisol,  our bodies want more it thinks it’s saving our lives.


You now see why DRINKING WATER can be helpful in diluting the toxic CORTISOL (our bodies natural CORTISONE ) it then allows us to let go of those puffy eyes and water retention that can look so ageing.

Where does EXERCISE come in?

This is you running away from the dinosaur and bringing in fresh nutrients and kind to our looks hormones like endorphins these do help Collagen and Elastine. As well as help detox our bodies.


Getting of to sleep earlier than you do normally is a big help, every hour before 12 pm is like two after.

DREAM OIL releases endorphins helping you relax and in turn sleep.

Add a great skincare routine to release collagen helping you look younger. Vitamin C in DIVINE CREAM. Helps collagen smoothing lines and firming skin.


SO now you know why you sleep more on holidays……there are no DINOSAURS


Cortisol links Awake response

Do you want firm skin? See the light… feel the glow younger skin has… Prism Age Defiance by Heaven has arrived! 

You asked for sun protection, I give you sun repair…

Prism age defiance, click here to buy a solution to younger skin CLICK


Hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Melanin pigments, which make up sun and age spots. 


Derivatives of the amino acid Tyrosine. An increased production of melanin in the skin is called melanogenesis and is stimulated by DNA damage to the skin induced by UV radiation. 


You only see pinky brown first so you may not see the effects after leaving the beach, or barbi. Skin is fast at work producing melanin, the stronger the burn the patchier the pigment from melanin production. 

“Do I only have to worry about age spots I here you ask…?” 

No, not just age spots, you have loss of elasticity, hardened look of the skin and much, much more, possibly cancer forming. Fair to say we need help!!


You get that chemical baking in the sun too. 

Is this a chance you want to take? 

I don’t. 

But when I need sun screen I use a natural one. 


And natural sun screen.

Yep I do, I don’t sell fake tan but I know this works because where it’s not the skin burns.

My friend Caroline (from Hugs and Kisses) she had a white mark where her fake had not been applied where the string of her briefs were. She still has the pigment scar from the burn!!

So, so, so…. ‘enter stage’ drum role please… 

PRISM TECNOLOGY is a light changing cream, this works by the skin Producing carnosine this produces the peptide. This poly-peptide helps our DNA it also produces collagen.


Prism Light Defiance Technology is an invention of mine to repair skin tissue after exposure to light, but it worked so well during sun exposure, it releases a peptide that produces collagen and your skin actually gets younger looking. 

CLIENTS ASKED CAN IT BE USED IT AT NIGHT: I was going to laugh because it works with light, but then I thought no don’t laugh, if I produce an app to activate the anti-ageing of this cream at night then we get younger while we sleep:

The PRISM Technology APP can be downloaded to use with Prism Age Defiance Cream to enhance your treatment and repair your skin at home Prism click to buy


Youth is in sight…

Down load the app click here


I WANT TO PUT THIS IN MASSIVE LETTERS, shouting from the roof tops !!! 

IT WORKS, it actually makes skin get younger on contact with light. 

Yes, the light that was bad for you (UVA, UVB, INFRARED, VIS (Phones, Tablets, Computers) is now good for you. 

Mirrical, mirrecal, miriacal I don’t really care that I can’t spell (being Dyslexic and very excited) it but it’s an absolute god-send, maybe even from the real Heaven above. 

I have know idea how I mange to do it but it is a Miracle!!! (Phew found it).

You must try it, I don’t have samples yet but if you buy and don’t see the very best improvement. You can always send it back and we will refund your money. I’m that confident.

Oh but if you do and the jar is half empty I’ll know you like it really! 😉

Love always, Deborah xxx 

Sun, sea, sand and HOW TO AVOID ageing and still get a healthy glow.

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Most sun care & after sun creams, (all maybe) calm heat & moisturise and that’s it!!!

Heaven After Soother instantly neutralises the burn. An extreme intensity support program for your skin. Hot weather can be so damaging to your skin, so use a product that on contact with the skin changes red to brown by healing the tissue. 

After Soother was the first ever product I made… It’s special and has not changed.

When applied to a burn it completely stops it carrying on ‘cooking your skin’.

Have you ever noticed you go a little red after being in sun and as the evening goes on you get hotter,  redder and then very sore. This is the skin carrying on cooking. 

AFTER SOOTHERS complex formulae stops this chain reaction that can be so damaging to the skin. You see a burn is actually a scar of sorts that needs actual minuet medical…

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Heaven Skincare LIA Oil Serum.

Love love love it!
Thank you for your beautiful writing. Debxxx

Elegant Ageless Beauty

Hey lovelies, welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty.

I’m back to share with you my thoughts on the Heaven Skincare LIA Oil that was sent to me for review here on my blog.

As you can see the bottle is pretty special looking isn’t it? Inside the oil is pretty special too! The base oil ingredients are Organic Soya Bean, Carrot Oil, Jojoba, Rosehip, Grapeseed oils. Essential Oils packing a punch in the oil serum are Organic Rose Absolute, Neroli, Lavender and  Patchouli. It’s the fragrance of Lavender oil that hits me in the nose, my favourite floral smell ever, it’s just gorgeous. There is also Vitamins A and E within the oil serum too.

This intense oil serum is great for reducing redness and helps to calm Rosacea. I suffer from redness on my chin and cheeks, not too much but enough to make me want to conceal it when I go out…

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Anti-age and protect its one or the other, not with heaven you get a whole lot and so much more to #beebee #beeutiful

How my tinted moisturiser started I’ll never really know, I don’t do make up.

Although I love buying it…

I needed to cover my spots and get them healed fast. I went to work in my normal fashion.

Silk skin, contained silk protein to smooth skin, that’s what I wanted #smooth #clear skin

A translucent colour that did not sit in lines and make them look noticeable but a moisturiser with a little Cover became a new project of mine.

People liked it

But did not love it.

I NEED LOVE if I’m going to make some thing.

So back to the drawing board.

A make up you can sleep in ! Sounds good?

It did to my clients, it actually was one of my best moisturisers to date.

It contains bee venom from worker bees with my famous Abeetoxin®, but mixed in  a line filler too.  I put in the DSH my hyaluronic acid to help skin look child like. Plus

Sun protection In the form of copper ion and zinc oxide it was and is a complete success. I’m happy and I’ve heard you are too,

“I need sun protection that works but I still get a little colour? Thank you heaven bee bee cream” 

Mary, Silvia, Pam

English Rose, Honey, Caramel

#male and #females love this now.

Three colours suit all skin types I use all three even when I’m on TV I mix it with my foundation for more cover.  

To buy #beebee cream click on this link
Click here

Sun, sea, sand and protection with great looks.


Just a little edit.

Questions are what are the colours like. Answer

The colours are, English rose, is like normal skin no tan, or under eye high lightener.

Caramel suits every one, blends in and gives warmth to pale skins. Evens tone.

Honey, adds depth colour to browner skins, but is too light for dark skin.

As I said I can use all of the above. They are easy to apply, there a moisturiser with tint!

When you talk #bees you don’t normally think younger, firmer and line freezing. 

I invented the use of bee venom to make my skin look young. I never expected people to copy my #beevenommask.
But they did try to copy it.


Although you can’t stop other people copying your product ideas saying they put bee venom in their product.

But it’s really worth noting bee venom is £27,000 for 1 oz.
So if it’s a cheap product how can companies who say it goes into it actually use it.

The answer is It defiantly was not shown a lot of bee venom or even any.

My bee venom mask works! 

Silver Bee Venom Mask an anti-ageing master piece 

Some Other companies say they use freeze dried bee venom and they say it’s actually good!

Why ??

Freeze drying would take all the active Benefit out of the product!!!

All have tried to copy my formula but to date know one has achieved success.

When I made the Bee Venom Mask by Deborah Mitchell®

I’d invented the ABEETOXIN® 

When I designed it I patented it, so during this process I could not tell people about it , that’s actually why I named my new anti-ageing product Bee Venom Mask, so people would not know what other amazing ingredients were in it. 

Now I can tell you….  it’s bee venom, royal jelly and wait for it REAL BOTULINIUM found in the hive.

I first used too much honey when making it, so it felt sticky that’s why it had to be removed after the optimum 20 mins.

But now I have reduced the honey so it can be a moisturiser or a mask. We found Staying on is so much more effective although being a mask too the preference from our clients including the royal family and celebrities is, it’s so much better left on.


My new Silver Bee Venom Mask is an advanced moisturiser and mask the venom has more ABEETOXIN®  and is a creamier moisturiser more like the black and gold texture, still only worker bee venom. But amazing .

Black has one quarter of the gold in it…

Black Bee Venom Mask, one quart gold and our best seller. Click here to buy
And Gold Bee Venom Mask is the queen bee venom.

There is on one in every hive so it’s precious, we sell only 500 per country and number each one,  you then become a member of the Gold Club.

You’re sent free gifts twice per year and get to know the offers and new products before other people. Your VIP number gives you discounts.

Why is it so great, 

The queen bee venom is used to treat cancer and other illness, I buy this from a charity they only allow a little to leave the charity so as to leave the rest to go on curing the sick.

It is truly amazing .

  1. It relaxes the muscles because it thinks it’s been stung, to stop the poison spreading
  2. It plumps lines, which gives younger apearence to flood the skin with fluid to dilute the venom.
  3. It sends messages to the blood supply to feed the tissue that it thinks has been damaged.
  4. It firms skin as the velous muscles under the skin tissue strengthen with the collagen and elastin.
  5. Lastly the resulting firmness closes open pores.

 Buy your own Gold Bee Venom Mask here…

My Heavenskincare you tube Chanel gold bee venom