It’s Christmas Cake!…

I can’t make cakes just products I’m so impressed with this I’m reblogging

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Hello lovelies welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty, I’m Teresa.

I hope you don’t mind something a bit different from me today. It’s come to that time of year when I make my Christmas Cake, and I thought that I would share my recipe with you all. My recipe is adapted from a Delia Smith recipe book that my Mum used every Christmas while she was still able to make gorgeous Christmas food. I’m dedicating this post in her memory.


This recipe is for an 8 inch (20cm) round cake or a 7 inch (18cm) square cake. Firstly I line my cake tin with 2 layers of greaseproof paper so that it’s all ready to take the mixture once prepared.


800g Dried Mixed Fruit

50g Glace Cherries rinsed, dried and chopped

5 Tablespoons of Brandy or Whiskey

225g Plain Flour

1/4 (quarter) teaspoon grated Nutmeg

1/2 (half) teaspoon Ground Mixed Spice

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THE ESSENCE OF YOUTH. How to get your DREAM skin. 

The essence of youth is the foundation of beautiful skin.

Our skin needs elasticity and the moist hue is of utmost importance, without these natural skin oils, our skin can pre-maturely age up to 10 to 15 years. This time of the year the Autumn wind whips and steals our moisture so much so that we cannot recognise the refection that looks back at us.


The Autumnal weather takes no prisoners, as it sends young and old into pre-mature ageing. Protection is our only defence. I can hear some of you say, but if I put a greasy moisture on “I’m going to get spots!” So the trick to youthful skin, is intelligent moisturising. A moisturiser that repairs the rough edges and chapped skin where the weather has left its mark. The molecules of the moisturiser need to be light and fluffy so I have designed, IT’S A DREAM Esssential moisturiser to improve everyone’s skin with no age limit. This is the new and improved Essential Moisturiser. I have produced this limited edition product to improve your skin NOW! Your skin needs feeding and protecting and Heaven is here to help!

  • Gerainum takes away signs of Eczema and redness.
  • Vitamin E, the highest RDA, repairs little tiny abrasions and roughness.
  • The Jasmine gives a flush of youth to your skin as it repairs and gives the elasticity that is seen in younger completions.


I can’t give all of my secrets away but once used, this DREAM moisturiser will be a firm favourite of yours, but you will have to wait till next year when it is launched officially as a new product to re-buy it! So hurry whilst the limit stock last.


Leaves turn to golden brown and our skin goes to pot! I’ll tell you why and how to shine as the sun sets. 

It’s Autumn…

Leaves are changing colour our skin is changing too, why? why? why? I hear you ask.


Have you got; patchy looking skin?, dry skin coming?, an odd horrible boil spot?, a few red patchy veins raising their heads?, Itchiness? lines popping up where you thought they were never there before?

I can actually go on… Why?….. AUTUMN!
REASONS: I have lots to help you… don’t despair Deb is here. My joke sorry.

The summer sun going away does not help you know, as it releases vitamin D which helps us sleep soundly. So us wrapping up is stopping the vit D being stimulated (our bodies make it on solar contact). Take your sun glasses off for 15 mins when out in the Autumn sun. Even Dubai is cooling down now from their hot summer, us in the UK would love a bit of Winter Dubai sun. We will have to settle with the glimpses we see of our sun through the leaves dropping. Get outside and take a walk.


Hot and cold our skin really dislikes these, our body temperature systems are still used to trying to cool down, so we tend to get warmer inside than we expect, this encourages Eczema skin conditions, on some people their skin gets a little itchy, some to full blown roaring Eczema. Heating does not help, a little moisture in corners of our nose and joints caused by the heating then over-heating, followed by over-cooling our bodies makes little microbes multiply, this starts the flaky/itchy skin to happen. WHAT TO DO? Increase your cleansing, use the BEE CALM KIT it’s designed just for this. The Essential Moisturiser is the most ‘essential’ on your skin because it kills the microbes and their production system.



What do we do when the nights start to draw in and gets a little colder? more stodgy foods? more milky coffees?. Lattes = dry skin. Too many that is. Soya is a great substitute and it increases  Oestrogen in our bodies which is linked to Collagen production. Sorry to get so techie.



Yep… really sorry we have to watch this too!, unless you drink two glasses of water to one coffee then I’ll let you off! We are missing the large amounts of water we drink in the Summer, skin with no water/moisture = dehydration lines.



#beecalm sets have pre-watering systems to aid youthful skin and improve fragility complexions, or should I say lined bits you never had.


Get the old dry tan gone!… Honestly, I promise, a hue of fresh tan is hidden under those horrid dead skin patches you’re trying to hold onto.

ENTER my latest innovation ‘BEE PEEL’

A SKIN SAVIOUR: Buy this and be amazed


• A face lift in a jar • Blurring the lines between organic and medical • A solution to pigmentation lines • Helps remove scarring and sun damage • Firms & tightens skin • Evens & smoothes skin tone • A solution to acne.

How to use; Apply all over face and wash off immediately,  day 1, day 2 then rest day 3. Then do it again.

Or if your skin is not super sensitive, 3 days on then three days off.
After you become an expert you can leave it on a line and it will really improve, some vanish, depends on how deep it is.

I’ve got to go to a meeting now, share if you like it, tell me if you don’t…

Lots of love D x

We must help where we can. 

Not everyone is touched by breast Cancer, but most know someone who is or has been.

So that tells me we need to help more, especially when we can see we are winning with more people than ever surviving saying, yes, this is worth it!

I was touched by many people this month who have and are helping me through my loss of my mother 

She lost her fight, not with Cancer, but with C.O.P.D a breathing condition.

I miss her…

I don’t want others to miss their loved ones, if I can do a little to help, or a lot, I will.

So this month we are giving to Breast Cancer Research.

These fab products in our especially put together kits, people love to buy and I’m giving the purchasers, a gift of value, to encourage them to buy to help in Cancer Awareness. The Kits save you a lot, but more importantly, 10% of the kit sales and the individual product sales go to Breast Cancer Research.

These sets are a perfect combination for youthful, brighter skin and also hands.


My new product: BeePeel, that’s blurring the lines between medical and organic… don’t just take my word for it, here is a guest blogger who’s trialed it.



For those of you who haven’t seen my previous reviews, Heaven Skincare is a luxury brand personally founded and developed by the lady responsible for the immaculate skin of the Royal family – Deborah Mitchell. Since launching, Deborah has developed a fantastic range of skincare products including  this Bee Peel which I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of  prior to release… (click the below link to continue reading)


Hurry, make the most of the pre-launch BeePeel and whilst stocks last CLICK HERE to buy!


I thought I’d give you all a little treat. #vip’s that is or can be you, so you get 10% off this bank holiday. Just subscribe at 


Just this weekend

My products are ‘naturally’ amazing…

They do things no others can…

…Really… They work! 

Fixing problems that we have:

I put them into sets to make things easy for anyone to choose.

If you try most of the sets in small or large sizes, your skin will #bee the best it can be.

I’m making new bags for each of these sets. I do run out of time flying around the world and I’m so controlling, I never think anyone else can choose for me.

The first bag I’m bringing out will be the Bee Spotless one. It looks so nice for Christmas.

If your like me I’m already thinking of presents now… I hope my 10% off to all Email VIP subscribers on our website helps you to budget. (Scroll down slightly on the left hand side of the website following the link above, and you will see a box ‘SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAIL LIST’, just enter your details it takes seconds).


So choosing the right set…?

When you look at your skin and the first thing you don’t like, that is the skin type kit you need to buy first. 

This will fix you immediate problem.

And you will be amazed at how it will make the other things fade.

Most of my Heaven Skincare products have multi-uses, this means one product can suit all skin conditions.

A lady left a message on my blog saying…

“I have spots and I hate them but I want to anti-age too, what do I use?”

My Age Defiance Cream is an anti-ageing product (brilliant) but as it makes your skin look younger it uses a specific Hyaluronic Acid found in vegetables that stops the production of spots also as it releases the Elastin which makes your skin younger.

a picture taken in one of our spa’s in Dubai

…like my original and world’s first Bee Venom Mask

Copied by lots  but they never can get it right because it’s not just bee venom it’s ABEETOXIN® (My patented formula)  this has more benifits to the skin than you can ever imagine.

Clients have said to me; “do you know I had a nasty spot and I put it on and it went over night”, I thought ‘I don’t believe a spot that pops up can disappear overnight’!.  But sure enough, more clients came saying the same thing. I thought ‘it’s a Heavenly Miracle’

I now know I’m sounding big-headed because I made these and I probably am being big-headed (more proud to be honest) but, I can’t wait for you to be big-headed about your perfect NO PROBLEM SKIN after using my Heaven products.

So that’s why you’re VIP’s and that’s why you can have 10% off with this bank hols treat. I care about your skin looking good.

BEE Kit No Problem 16 (Bee Spotless)

Love Deb . Ps I’m going to check and reply to all messages you leave x

Beach Bodies not wrinkled Prunes! 

Gone are the days when I just wanted a tan at any cost. I’ve spent too long looking at my clients skin when the sun has burnt through their elasticity and left the skin looking years older than it really is. This holiday, take time in the sun but also out of it. Let your skin cool down.

Sun factors are only half the story, so remember every one loves great sheeny looking skin, what ever the colour.

This year my Tan looks the best, I wore my BeeBee Cream on my face and body and I used p20 which I really don’t like the feel of but I know if I go in the water it stays on longer than others.


UVA; only begins 3 days into exposing your skin to the sun.

This makes the tan cells (melanocytes) produce the brown colour (melanin) to protect us, that’s why we get freckles, the cells are working overtime.

UVB; this process happens after a lot of sun exposure or after bad burns in sun.

But it takes time to grow new cells. UVB makes more tan cells (melanocytes) if you have more of these you are darker skinned and less likely to look freckly.

Photo by TORI SHEPHERD of tori. Bag by heaven 

UVC; is the really bad one. This causes cancer, luckily we are usually not that close to this wave of sun to get this. 

UV radiation; So what do we get when we see the sun has got his hat on and we run out to play. We get BURNT! By this radiation. This is the 3 days before with nothing to protect us. We don’t even get brown by this😦

Sun care products are now helping to stop us getting this by putting radiation barriers into sun creams. #lancaster do one and it is good and not as pricey as La Prairie. 

Before you ask no I don’t make one yet, sorry! when I do… it’ll be better than the competion so keep your eyes peeled… 

Stopping the burn. (radiation) 

Cool showers or long cooling baths help. Treat your skin as if it has been burnt by scolding water. It will be much better for it, even if the redness is not showing… still do it you want to stop your skin from cooking.

Hydro Cleansing Milk NEUTRALISES the burn and gives you a  great tan that lasts. Helping to calm radiation and if you have a large one like I did, I used it as my after sun. Best tan I’ve ever had, ( I think I said that once before, but I’m very happy with it). 


AFTER SOOTHER. Best after sun and silky skin smoother. Helps if you have bites too. CALMS, REPAIRS and is a radiation healer.

Rehydrate your skin with Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel (water for your skin) 

The most important thing is to keep the elasticity so your skin looks fresh, my best cream for this is Firming & Stretchmark Cream for your body, the orange oil repairs skin that’s stretched so you can see why it would be great for that sheen, smooth, silky look after you have got your tan and want to keep it longer. #PROLONG 

Ever thought “how can I protect my tan and smooth out cellulite”?. 

Now you can with the Cellulite & Firming Cream. This new formula contains hyaluronic acids that help cool skin after taking sun and the organic essential oils break down pockets of fat and fluid.