I thought I’d give you all a little treat. #vip’s that is or can be you, so you get 10% off this bank holiday. Just subscribe at www.heavenskincare.com 


Just this weekend

My products are ‘naturally’ amazing…

They do things no others can…

…Really… They work! 

Fixing problems that we have:

I put them into sets to make things easy for anyone to choose.

If you try most of the sets in small or large sizes, your skin will #bee the best it can be.

I’m making new bags for each of these sets. I do run out of time flying around the world and I’m so controlling, I never think anyone else can choose for me.

The first bag I’m bringing out will be the Bee Spotless one. It looks so nice for Christmas.

If your like me I’m already thinking of presents now… I hope my 10% off to all Email VIP subscribers on our website helps you to budget. (Scroll down slightly on the left hand side of the website following the link above, and you will see a box ‘SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAIL LIST’, just enter your details it takes seconds).


So choosing the right set…?

When you look at your skin and the first thing you don’t like, that is the skin type kit you need to buy first. 

This will fix you immediate problem.

And you will be amazed at how it will make the other things fade.

Most of my Heaven Skincare products have multi-uses, this means one product can suit all skin conditions.

A lady left a message on my blog saying…

“I have spots and I hate them but I want to anti-age too, what do I use?”

My Age Defiance Cream is an anti-ageing product (brilliant) but as it makes your skin look younger it uses a specific Hyaluronic Acid found in vegetables that stops the production of spots also as it releases the Elastin which makes your skin younger.

a picture taken in one of our spa’s in Dubai

…like my original and world’s first Bee Venom Mask

Copied by lots  but they never can get it right because it’s not just bee venom it’s ABEETOXIN® (My patented formula)  this has more benifits to the skin than you can ever imagine.

Clients have said to me; “do you know I had a nasty spot and I put it on and it went over night”, I thought ‘I don’t believe a spot that pops up can disappear overnight’!.  But sure enough, more clients came saying the same thing. I thought ‘it’s a Heavenly Miracle’

I now know I’m sounding big-headed because I made these and I probably am being big-headed (more proud to be honest) but, I can’t wait for you to be big-headed about your perfect NO PROBLEM SKIN after using my Heaven products.

So that’s why you’re VIP’s and that’s why you can have 10% off with this bank hols treat. I care about your skin looking good.

BEE Kit No Problem 16 (Bee Spotless)

Love Deb . Ps I’m going to check and reply to all messages you leave x

Beach Bodies not wrinkled Prunes! 

Gone are the days when I just wanted a tan at any cost. I’ve spent too long looking at my clients skin when the sun has burnt through their elasticity and left the skin looking years older than it really is. This holiday, take time in the sun but also out of it. Let your skin cool down.

Sun factors are only half the story, so remember every one loves great sheeny looking skin, what ever the colour.

This year my Tan looks the best, I wore my BeeBee Cream on my face and body and I used p20 which I really don’t like the feel of but I know if I go in the water it stays on longer than others.


UVA; only begins 3 days into exposing your skin to the sun.

This makes the tan cells (melanocytes) produce the brown colour (melanin) to protect us, that’s why we get freckles, the cells are working overtime.

UVB; this process happens after a lot of sun exposure or after bad burns in sun.

But it takes time to grow new cells. UVB makes more tan cells (melanocytes) if you have more of these you are darker skinned and less likely to look freckly.

Photo by TORI SHEPHERD of tori. Bag by heaven 

UVC; is the really bad one. This causes cancer, luckily we are usually not that close to this wave of sun to get this. 

UV radiation; So what do we get when we see the sun has got his hat on and we run out to play. We get BURNT! By this radiation. This is the 3 days before with nothing to protect us. We don’t even get brown by this😦

Sun care products are now helping to stop us getting this by putting radiation barriers into sun creams. #lancaster do one and it is good and not as pricey as La Prairie. 

Before you ask no I don’t make one yet, sorry! when I do… it’ll be better than the competion so keep your eyes peeled… 

Stopping the burn. (radiation) 

Cool showers or long cooling baths help. Treat your skin as if it has been burnt by scolding water. It will be much better for it, even if the redness is not showing… still do it you want to stop your skin from cooking.

Hydro Cleansing Milk NEUTRALISES the burn and gives you a  great tan that lasts. Helping to calm radiation and if you have a large one like I did, I used it as my after sun. Best tan I’ve ever had, ( I think I said that once before, but I’m very happy with it). 


AFTER SOOTHER. Best after sun and silky skin smoother. Helps if you have bites too. CALMS, REPAIRS and is a radiation healer.

Rehydrate your skin with Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel (water for your skin) 

The most important thing is to keep the elasticity so your skin looks fresh, my best cream for this is Firming & Stretchmark Cream for your body, the orange oil repairs skin that’s stretched so you can see why it would be great for that sheen, smooth, silky look after you have got your tan and want to keep it longer. #PROLONG 

Ever thought “how can I protect my tan and smooth out cellulite”?. 

Now you can with the Cellulite & Firming Cream. This new formula contains hyaluronic acids that help cool skin after taking sun and the organic essential oils break down pockets of fat and fluid. 


X MARKS THE SPOT…  I suffer from Acne, yes I do, I always will. But you don’t see spots on me now !

My body is pre deposed to make them 

I wasn’t born with spots, but they came pretty quickly as soon as puberty loomed, in fact the spots on my face were far bigger than pimples in the right places. 

Was I born shy too, or did the acne help me to keep my head down. 

This much I do know all the mirricle cures in the world did not stop the on set of this  ruination of my teen plus years.

Why do we get them! 


#spots the body has a defense mechanism to create white blood cells this is the white look in spots, so you could say your becoming healthier getting them I wouldn’t  ever thought that though! 

Some people  don’t get them because they don’t produce the hormone dopamine in high levels. (Linked to puberty,stress, allergies)

All the tooth paste In the world did not save me. 

I thought is it oil that’s making my spots? (No it wasn’t) 

So I tried NAIL VARNISH !! What was I thinking at 12 years plus nothing made sense. 

I’d squeeze my black heads round my nose till it looked like Rudolph’s conk. 

I can’t moisturise I’ll get more spots I thought. “Silly me” now I know if you do moisturise you get less spots. 

If I’d known then what I do now I could have helped my skin quicker. 



My life’s work was finding the answers to this, I felt it up set my whole life and I don’t want that for you or your children. 

  • Oil stops oil 
  • Over drying out your skin can produce spots. 
  • Dairy can make dry pimply rash type spots
  • Over fatty diets make skin too oily this makes black heads if skin oil not removed in 6 hours. 
  • Sleep deprivation breaks down skin defenses ( makes spots)
  • Over exposer to sun can bring on acne rosacea (spots, dry patches redness) 
  • Wheat makes spots if you are sensitive to it. These will be on cheeks. 
  • Progesterone is produced just before a period this gives spots on jaw. 
  • Not removing make up will give you full spotty skin. 
  • Not going to the toilet builds toxins that have to come out some where. Spots 
  • Poor vitamins in diet shows in skin, lack of b6 vits, these are also depleted in stress. 


the skin has brain cells and every time it feels a little lacking in water it produces oil to hold our vital water in.  This is why all my products contain hydra molecules, please don’t tell the competition! So applying oil will stop skin over producing Oil! That does also include moisturisers. HEADS UP . It takes 7 days for skin to show adjustment. SO BE PATIENT !

How to tell if your ALERGIC / sensitive a food.

 A few minuets after eating a spot will become itchy feeling,as it becomes more in flamed and white blood cells travel to the weeker areas. 


Fresh Olive oil, oily fish,  nuts especially macadamia nuts all help your skin be lubricated. 

Butter, lard, greasy burgers chips that have been cooked in old fat. These and more are not good fats.they are in fact quite toxic.


The body has to work so much harder when we have less sleep, so it produces cortersol in case we are in danger, this makes skin sensitive and spotty if left in the body and not used. This helps to keep us awake it’s linked to adrenaline production. 

THE SUN DOES HELP MOST SPOT TYPES. acne rosacea so it’s worth mentioning over doing the sun can bring on this condition, along with spicy foods, wheat and dairy. Hormone imbalance. It looks rosey cheeks dry and pimples arrive after only 15 minuets in the sun. 

The Rose oil in the Lia therapy 

Is fab for stopping red spots and broken veins 
BOWELS CLEARED  ! Helps your skin not TO get spots. Prune juice, RUFFAGE,  fiber. Lots more to say on this subject. Lemon juice clears the toxins first thing in the morning, I assure you this takes forever to work. But be patient 

PROGESTERONE Makes us want to eat sugary things and gives us spots on jaw line. 

So resist the sweet bowl. 

My life is a whirl wind, I love it that way, luckily.

img_4067Buy Peter’s fav productsimg_4111

This week should have been a little quieter, as these things happen I now find myself in Marbella with the very beautiful Peter Andre. He’s shooting his calendar and my products are also in his calendar and I’m being followed by a tv crew they are following me to see what my life is like. Manic but fun.
I’ve known Peter many years, the first time I treated his pretty face it was as a guest at his house when he was previously married,
I had the pleasure of him making me spaghetti – I never told him I don’t eat wheat.
He’s such a nice chap, never changes. Now I find myself here in Marbella in beautiful surroundings…

I’m so pleased he loves my products!

So the film crew are asking me and him lots of questions, what does he think of Heaven products, he says of course he loves them but then goes on to explain why, he says he finds his skin dry then oily then dry again. With Heaven he says it’s constantly good and his skin feels different like a new skin and he’s noticed how smooth it looks. He says his favourite is the black bee venom – he even uses it after shaving as it calms his skin.
I find my mind wondering how does this man have so much energy to be so lovely to every one, he’s the real deal, lovely and beautiful looking, I feel my self wanting to mother him a bit, but I resist the temptation.

After the filming I go down stairs for a coffee, I can work the machine no problem.
Pop the capsule in but it does not work, is it up side down? I give it a nock and a clout. Nothing happens so I start to take the top off to see what I’ve done, now Robin comes to help me and the key to the place we are in falls neatly down the back of the machine, I’m really in it now. Peter just loves his coffee, he owns a chain of shops.
Robin and I hide our worry and start to take off the back of the machine. Key found, still no coffee…

I slope away and go get an instant but Pete’s brother stops me and says “you can’t have rubbish coffee!” and takes me back to the bar with the machine, Robin follows giggling to himself at my look of horror.

As he proceeds to tell me about how the machine makes brilliant coffee I start to panic
Robin films me !! Laughing
Pete’s brother thinks we are really happy because I’m making coffee, I look for the exit.

After all the excitement, we dressed for dinner. All of us went to a pretty village in the hills, I never even thought of people recognising Peter. After we parked, we walked a few steps and a man ran up to him wanting a picture, then a crowd formed

Walking to the Restaurant, Pete gets mobbed, but he doesn’t mind.

Lovely food, lovely company.
The people on the other table
We’re patient and then Peter goes over to talk to them.

Time really means everything but he spends his time with others even after a busy shoot today and I’m sure he would have been tired but they never knew!

His calendar is due out around September/October time and I’ll be first in line to get one!

Being taken on an evening out with Peter Andre was a night to remember.


S.O.S (Save Our Skin)EMERGENCY KIT on its way to you… 

EVER, got to someone’s house or hotel and realised your whole make up bag and creams have been left at home? I have.  In an attempt to be stream-lined, I’d caused myself the possibility of being very lined.

I was young and just married, the 1st time, my new husband and I went to stay at a wonderful hotel for just one night. We were visiting a very important client of his the next day so I wanted to make sure I didn’t let the side down, I would look my best.

I’d planned my clothes to a tee including night wear, we had saved for out night away and our adventure, our honeymoon had been a caravan lent to me by a customer of mine.

The hotel was special and it had a Valentine dinner night, a pool too.

So after throwing our bags in the room off we went for a dip.

It was swim/sauna/jacuzzi, working 7 days a week as a mobile beauty therapist didn’t leave me much time for myself, I was having a great time. Grabbing my robe and racing to the room so know-one could see the black mascara running down my checks from the leisure complex activities into the shower and just tried to grab shampoo, no, can’t find it, ok I’ll use the hotels, it can’t be that bad.

I’ll cleanse and cream my face when I get out, I THOUGHT!!

The shampoo left much to be desired, my hair which was down to my bottom did not take kindly to the watery conditioner and straw-making shampoo.

Better leave it to dry naturally.

Where’s my cleansing and moisturising kit. NO WHERE TO BE SEEN…

Ok… I’ll get the black mascara off with the hotels soap… mistake!.

I’ll cover my up my now red blotchy face with make-up.

Yes… you guessed it I’d forgot that too.

My weekend was ruined. I looked like a fuzzy, piggy eyed, blotchy faced, spindly monster ( I was thin then)

Debs long hair

We ate in the room.

Next morning I attempted to use the food for make up, carrots to give me some colour, Ash to make-up my eyes, darker and tomato sauce to give my lips colour.

I WAITED IN THE CAR WHEN HE VISITED HIS VERY IMPORTANT CUSTOMER, saying I was sick, well I was sick, sick to death of having my night away ruined.

The customers lovely wife popped out to see if I was ok, which forced me to say I was feeling better. I had to sit inside having lunch, she probably had never seen such an ugly girl in all her life I thought.

It turned out OK and we all had a laugh about it. She even asked me if I wanted to go into her garden to have a cigarette, must have been the ash on my eyes smelling.

I can really laugh about this now. This is the reason I make all my products in travel kits of all sizes so know one ever has to feel like I did.



The SOS emergency kit is a one nighter, with everything you need to cleanse moisturise and treat your skin. The anti-ageing and conditioning results should stay for 7 days at least, so it’s also good to try extra products you have not used before.

sos kitsfree wrtitten lipstick


Where did the idea for EllaJane Skinwipes come from….?

Hiding wipes, that was the first sign my daughter had her own mind, well at 13 years old sneaking face wipes into a super drug basket was her own mind. I however wasn’t having any of it.

I sound mean don’t I?, even to me I sounded harsh, until you know that one of my customers had a very bad skin cancer scare from using face wipes and sun-beds. The dermatologist had said her skin had ulcerated due to ineffectual cleaning.

That was not going to happen to my daughter, so at 14 years she kept begging me to let her buy the offending items. Or if not… would I make them, all her friends had them so why could she not buy some.

By the time she was 15 and more pestering I said I have not got time too, why don’t you make them? I thought she would say I can’t, and then give up.

Well a few people now have got glimpses of my amazing daughter and her single mindedness, she enlisted my help of course but we went about making wipes that I would actually let her use.

All through the summer we negotiated organic high quality Cotton, that was slightly abrasive and of course none of the toxins found in the usual cheaper variety.

To enhance the exfoliation and anti-ageing too apple pectin organic lotion was used and tha Cool cleansing and oil balancing of the herb peppermint completed my daughters wipes.

We used samples ourselves and tried methods of cleansing with and combining with other lotions. We noticed very quickly both our skin was improving. Ella had dry skin but it was still appearing clearer and I had oil / spot prone skin, usually if I did not look after it that cleared too. Fine lines looked less.

My daughter had done such a great job even the packaging was biodegradable. We then ran out of our testing samples and we felt bereaved so Ella and I both wanted more. Good sign, we could not now live without using them, not to mention I now had perfect white towls with no make up stains to go with my fresh skin.

Happy mom, clever daughter and a major client following. We sent samples out to customers and to my amazement 100% loved them!


You should always get one whose perhaps not keen on wipes but the versatility proved popular with our loyal following.

The packaging Ella had her ideas, and the logo is her signature.

Ellajane skinwipes info

I’m bursting with pride so I helped to get her Twitter going @heavenellajane.

And then we did the launch party

I’ll help with that…

100 perhaps? … 750 people arrived and 150 were celeb’s and footballers even Catherine tyldesley and Binky and Louise were there loving the fact Ella at 15 had created these that everyone loved…

This is the launch night

When I was 14 … 

…I travelled to Africa and stayed in a house in what was then Rhodesia, it’s now Zimbabwe. The lady I stayed with was a friend of my dads (my dad had lots of attractive friends), the room was the prettiest i’d ever been in with co-ordinated tissue boxes and beautiful bottles and the most wonderful smelling hand & body wash, that had been left for me to use sat upon top of white towels with appliqué flowers. The scent in the air, the body wash and the creams this pretty lady had left for me have stayed in my memory, even now I can close my eyes and return to that room and fragrances.


I have taken these memories of then mixed them with my clients ideas of how important a great caressing wash is with a nourishing beautiful body cream that’s strong enough to stop the dryness of the most house-proud hands.

What does it smell like, crushed grapefruit, afternoon tea, limes and a bit of rose.

Here are a few Hotels that love #heavenafternoontea wash and creams so much they bought it for their businesses…

The Crown at Wergs

The ABaC hotel, Barcelona

The Mount Hotel, Tettenhall Wood

The Genting, Resorts world 

I’ve put up only a few of my fave’s


If you walk into a bathroom of the best restaurant or hotel and don’t find Heaven, you soon will!

Afternoon Tea & bathroom sink


Now for you…

…for one week only, I’m offering you the chance to WOW your guests as I was in Africa,  with my Heaven Afternoon Tea Body & Hand Wash and Cream sets with your purchase of my products.

Now Karen (she’s my general manager) said; “we are very low on stock, why are you doing this?”

…well I’m impulsive and just wanted to for you all to share the same type of memory just from the scent of a fab product, I know that you will all be pleased.

Lots of love.

Hope your visitors are impressed too!

My diary part two 

After flying back from Belfast, I had to pop into work to check in with Lauren, she helps me with the social media (spelling), sending off of products and competitions, joint effort actually.

AND check on manufacture, this is the Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel, it’s fab, I made it with my own fair hands.

Plumping dehydrated skin and calming redness, all in a toning gel.

chamomile make

You can request a Chamomile Hydrogel in your bag if you wish.

Next was my last minute organisation for the London Gold Bee Venom and the new BeePeel press event! Or should I say celebrity PR event…


Gail Porter

My super cleansing routine helped and I do have some #londonlashandbrow on.

Sam came with Chloe and I really did have a nice time chatting to them. 

Claire here was saying she may like to take these home. Lol

A massive thank you to The Can Group this is the very beautiful Claire Powell she, Robin and Fellicity worked really hard to get the venue perfect. It was Beach Blanket Babylon I so loved that place, the food was amazing and the drinks were just ‘lush’ is all I can say.

Professional Beauty editor enjoying a glass of champagne.

You may recognise my friend Caroline Boydell and Sophia smith. There were a few paps after her.

Here’s me looking like the cat that got the cream

Well, it was so nice of these two lovely ladies to join me. Anthea & Lizzie Gold Bee Venom does entice.

This is Julie and Ruth they work for Heaven in Dubai and down in Essex, they are experts at #londonlashandbrow fun and brilliant people.

Roxanne Pallet, Sam Callahan & Chloe Paige

Everyone loves these new Exclusive Travel Kits. 

These were part of the Heaven Celebrity goody bags

A fabulous party, and a good time was had by all, all were heading home with Heavenly treats.

Debs x


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