The last part of my unisex skincare…

When I make a product I look at how really useful and effective it is. This men’s shave and beard rub is one of those products that has endless uses. Men really love this for its calming shave with precision accuracy. Like the most expensive lubricating oil it can direct a razor to the perfect line with a moisturising sheen on hairs of a short or long beard. 

So why would partners like to PINCH IT? 

…well it’s so good for conditioning all types of skin, the Calendula and Sandalwood smell fantastic as the skin condition repairs, women have told me how they like to add a drop to their cream to super boost the efficiency. 

NAILS, FACE, HAIR, SHAVE AND FOOT CARE. Will he have any left? 

So gentle it can even heal Eczema on babies when a few drops are massaged in.  

This is the face of our mens range JAMIE ROCHE AND HIS DAUGHTER Elodie. 


So back to this blog… 

Our Age defiance is so good for him it helps Psoriasis, blemishes, firming skin and great for helping improve those fine lines with the fantastic combination of Vitamins and naturally derived Hyaluronic acid. 

But it’s ours! Well both of yours if he treats you to it. 

He would BEE your angel I’m sure… 

Unisex it must bee, our men have to look good ! They need our help.

Your partner is worth it… show him how much you love him.. He wants Heaven….


He now knows he can take a bit of yours…

So Father’s Day is your saving grace….


Get him some 

Father’s Day soon… 19th June  click here to go straight to the mens range

Steal away

We have wonderful men’s and women’s skincare and then we have unisex. 

Skincare that suits both sexes.

I do not advocate stealing, but “borrowing” your partners Heaven range is like ‘Benefit borrowing’ and if you think about it they are Benifiting  because they see you looking younger & fresher.

First let’s go for His skin care.

Close Shave Cream  it’s for delicate  areas, moisturising as you shave. Leaving skin softer and even in colour too,  it’s such a neat close shave, men love this for sensitive heads or if they can’t shave without redness. So for your delicate shave areas it’s 100% the product to borrow. Or just buy him two!

I pinch my husbands for my shaving, leaves my skin smooth. He goes mad  but I don’t mind cause I did bring one back for myself and he had that one too.

Sensitive Close Shave


The next is the After Shave product

We women have our Hydrogels they could pinch for their shave  but theirs is soooo good they have Post Shave Refining Hydrogel with lots of extra moisturising properties from its unique form of net like molecules that help refine and refresh skin, the smell is gorgeous, it has Sandalwood which is great for healing those little nicks that could happen if you shave with other brands, not Heaven of course. The Sandalwood sends off messages to others that you are good enough to eat, (well not literally but metaphorically if you get my drift) but at least kiss.

Post shave refining hydrogel


Ummm… the 02 Eye Cream is made from superior  performance ingredients, so it could penetrate the thicker eye area of men’s stronger tissue. Works a treat taking down bags of our eye area.

o2 Eye cream


Bee Venom Mask, when we had events at our flag ship store in my little Shifnal village the men used to pop into the Wine bar next door and say “don’t forget our Bee Venom Mask.” So I thought I make some for them it has a little ‘3’ on the front so they no which one is theirs. It can reduce lines faster than the women’s version only because it’s used so much. Smoothing, softening those stress lines making us all look fresher and younger. What’s wrong with that! (The choice for handsome skin is Black or White, strong or sensitive).



I asked my husband what he thought of me pinching his Heaven 4 Men products. Do you know what he said, “It’s mine, I like it now I’m getting older, no I don’t want you to pinch it”

That night, that very evening, he shouts out of the bathroom. “Deb, Deb Deeeb”!,

“Yes, yes, yes”… I say. Hubby: “Urrrrrrr where is THE… Overnight Success Oxygen Cream?”

I ask you really!?, as I handed it to him I thought. ……



….Divine Cream, Overnight Success, Hydro Cleansing Milk and lots more of ours we need to hide…

to Bee continued….

Love Deb, Deb, Deeeeb!!



My new secret launch ????

I can tell you what it does and what’s in it 

But I cannot tell you what it is yet….

Can you imagine how you would feel if you looked in the mirror and all you saw was beauty and not faults, how much would it free up your mind to think of other things.

Well I can’t guarantee  you will believe you are more beautiful after using my new product but I know one thing it really does take care of our skin faults.

It smooths, softens, firms, lifts pigment & calms. 

It’s for the face or body and contains ABEETOXIN®  and maybe some…

How to use:

  • Apply to dry cleansed skin 
  • On face;  remove with water straight away 
  • On body;  you can leave it on a bit longer.

Use 3 days in a row, stop, wait for results and then when necessary use again. 

I can’t BEE without it

If you want to BEE the first to try this amazing product Bee clicking here 

I will send you one with your order on any purchase over £20 (+P&P).

It’s launching in ……… ?





If you don’t want to buy a Heaven product at the moment, tell a friend to use the code above and leave your name and address in the message box with the code and I’ll send one to you both (One per household).

Treatments of this miracle-worker is happening all over the World 

Find your spa or salon who offer Heaven Treatments here.

Thank you for sharing and reading.

Leave your thoughts please 

Deb X 

The secret line eraser Gold Bee Venom Eyes


Last week I let just 100 gold bee venom eyes to be sold.


 i am so amazed by this beeutiful product,

I worked at the Heaven spa in Shifnal and a lovely elderly lady asked if the gold would be for her. I thought I’d apply some first, as I was appling it, the cream on my fingers looked like it was erasing her lines, so I applied it all over her face and she looked years younger. She and her daughter bought one.

I thought I must make more.

Why I can’t.

All gold is made from my Queen bee ABEETOXIN®.

This makes the bee venom contained in it so special, it’s extra strong, the queen bee uses this to protect her her young bees, so chooses one to feed Royal jelly to, that then becomes the new queen. The venom protects with antibiotic properties

This is what I use for all my gold collection.

The queen bee can sting many times but there is only one in each hive so it’s very rare.

I get many messages on Facebook and Twitter that are lovely thank you, I did however get one that was not so nice. It was a lady saying she did not think there was only a limited number of gold products and did not think you could only buy it once. Well I did put her straight and this is why I want to explain to all why I limit the number to clients.

Heaven Bee Venom ABEETOXIN® is patented, it’s strong, fresh and super effective in smoothing lines and reject sting skin so much so clients have called it an alternative to Botox, I however would say it can be an alternative or to use as well as an injectable Botulinum Toxin. With none of the side effects, just perfectly smooth skin.

Where does it come from.. The last time I wrote where I bought part of my crops from the copycat companies pretended they bought it from the place I did. So no addresses here but I buy it from a charity that the money is used to help the healing work of the venom and other bee super strength ingredients are used.

This is why I know mine is so strong because if it can help cancer, arthritis and other terrible illnesses that I won’t list here, I know not only will it be perfect for line reduction but also the money is put to good use in building this Charity.


 Gold bee venom eyes and other line smoothers.       Click to look really young 

When you buy you become a gold club member , you recieve a member number letters presents and discounts just for you.


74 Bee Venom Eyes have been made, I said 100 would be available, I wish I was making more but I need the gold queen bee ABEETOXIN® for my fantastic Gold Bee Venom Mask. 

Well I hear you say what’s black then.?


It’s silver and gold mixed it’s very effective and not limited to one purchase.

Line smoothing, skin regenerative, moisturising and an amazing base.

You could actually say amazing grace when you use it.

Appling my Heaven products restores your faith in skin care actually making your face younger. 

Now I’m off to London now

Not to see the queen this time !

Happy birthday your royal highness

Queen bee

Delicate eyes, the cost of getting it wrong.

Eye creams are easy to buy and even easier to make the wrong choice

shutterstock_57298372 small

Rich thick creamy eye creams are a suitcase waiting to happen, or if your lucky it’s only a bag, that’s temporary


Click here to fix your eyes

We are always tempted to buy the promise of perfect eyes from a  young and very beautiful girl on the long established beauty counter. We take it home and eagerly lavish this elixir on our offending area and drift into sleep.  How many of us have wake looking the way we thought we should.  9 times out of 10 can we still actually make out the bathroom cabinet through the giant bags that have landed over night.

Why does this happen? 


it makes Bags puffiness and allergies

Too much oil can make eyes water in the night, to wake with crusty corners, and the salt in the tears is explosive on our delicate eye area.



Plumps eyes by swelling the skin to get the result, so no guesses what happens when the ballon goes down. An empty sack unless you keep using that product which creates growth of the bag more.

baggy eyes small blog

If you don’t want these, click here for the solution


You know the ones occasionally found on shopping channels or a 30 sec’ you-tube video. Where the bag lady has one eye done and changes before our eyes this is usually something like albumen a protein found in egg whites but while good to tighten for a couple of hours on a night out, its very de-hydrating and respectively can prematurely age of the area can ensue.


For natural anti-ageing click here


If you sleep on your tummy you can get bags, not a lot more to say really just  the lymph system can’t drain. If you sleep on one side position your pillow so your head does not face down

SILK PILLOWS you gotta love them they stop your hair getting messed up and don’t crush you eyes causing lines.


SALT… don’t use it, stop! It goes straight to your face and puffs your eyes .


Click here for real answers

DEHYDRATION (Including drinking to much alcohol and still on the subject of salt). Not drinking enough water that your body needs leads to high concentration of salt levels in tissues, this is what makes us say we are thirsty. DRINK MORE WATER.


Not when it come to rings round the eyes. This is caused by blood in the area increasing to gain more supply of nutrients to these tissues. But if they are abundant in vitamins mostly iron and vit b’s  (almonds are good oh and marzipan too)

The eyes will look great 

CURES, improvements and lasting benefits. 

My clients walk in with eye-care issues, I stop them using creams straight away. The build up is terrible and can actually make a thing called lymphatic fat. Apart from surgery you can massage to aid reduction in this area.


Add a pea size to index and middle finger press firmly do not stroke. Keep pressing to activate line smoothing and dark circles ingredients. The texture will change as area improves. Morning or night.




ORANGE Flower Cell Renewal; lines reduction

CHAMOMILE Desensitising;  puff reduction and allergy help

PEPPERMINT Calrifying; awake eyes

All apply pea size stroke over entire eye area and wait for the miracle that does appear…


Over expressive lines, puffiness, dry lines, Slack skin.

One or all the above apply two peas

This is a super all round winner.

You can use all three.



Be Golden, ABEETOXIN® to the rescue

Now I have a treat….

For 100 special people we have Gold Bee Venom Eyes that can be purchased in the Eye section of the website, need I tell you how absolutely incredible this product is.

It is the fore-runner to a new product that will be coming out in Autumn/Fall.

But for now you can purchase it here CLICK HERE


Maybe you would like to enter my competition to WIN one 

In the next week only I am choosing a lucky winner to receive this. All you have to do is one of the following:

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I’m watching

Do you like my blog?

Duncan helped me with the pictures he’s Heaven Skincares Creative, I’m lucky to have him. Me and dunc


Debs and I

P.S if all else fails wear nice shoes hopefully they’ll be looking at your feet not eyes.

The size of our bodies is actually changing 

I never ever want to get stuck not getting into the size debate.

Great seat because the extra large size suits me . No 

A small plane actually has small seats 

Yep really 

Now I know I’m sitting 8 d 

And he’s super handsome now what do I do to get extra leg room 

It’s not good with my postirior requirements. They are big … Requirements now sitting by him !! 

God where have you gone 

That’s it is we go out of stock it’s me that’s using it.

Get my kidneys working 

Double quick 

Juniper it’s in abunadance please I need it. 

I want not just my celulight gone but ( oh my god he spoke ) but half of my body .

Asked if I could get off his seat belt but 

It does count (honest?) talking is talking .
I’m signing off now because I’m dying of lack of food

Pregnant ! Exciting times but what’s happening to your skin ?


Before telling you what you should avoid… 

I’m going to tell you a funny story.

When I was 31 and totally career focussed, yep 

Working at the Holiday inn, flying here there and every where and I get the feeling (if you know me I have these odd feelings) someone is pregnant I say. So no-one owns up . 

A couple of days later I’m feeling a little peaky and I ask Emma to get me some lemsip, so she comes back with a whole load of stuff and a kit for pregnancy. 

Ummm it’s me! I’m pregnant, the rest is history or the next blog post. Either way my skin wanted to go to pot. 

I was not about to let it! 

I was having morning sickness and having to work. 

So I thought right, peppermint is my saviour 

Peppermint oil if used 5 days and two days off stops morning sickness or reduces it in my case dramatically . All my clients had peppermint oil massages.

Now I have the peppermint hydrogel and it really does help my clients who are pregnant.  Peppermint/cleansing and toning

 Skin cleaning alleviates sickness a break through why could I not have developed this in my day. Another is ELLAJANE face wipes

They are so refreshing any time #ORGANIC so also good for #baby too  
So back to my pregnancy, I saw my body changing and thought I’m ok I won’t get stretch marks and you know I nearly did if I had not been developing my creams my body would have been on a slow boat to China and never to return! 

I put my stretch mark cream every where literally every where. Stretch mark oil 


And .. I never had one mark not one! 

My mom had loads with me so I know it was in the genes . (Sorry mom) 

What I did not know until I went on Tv, My stretch mark cream helps stretch marks that are blue, turns them skin colour. I was amazed, sounds strange when you make something but you don’t know how good it really is until it’s right in your face. 

We sold out that day and it’s been a favourite every since. Stretchmark cream

FIRMING-AND-STRETCH-MARK-CREAM_BLACK It was so important to me to help people’s skin but also to be really carefully what thier pregnant bodies were taking in. Organic safe ingredients were so important to skincare users, they could be like me and not know they were #pregnant!

So I only used the Very Best #organic ingredients to help the skin florish  and although immediate results were the Height of my priority list, safety was a quick second third and forth.

So that said there is no products that pregnant women cannot use on thier face and body in my heavenskincare range.

Apart from anti-cellulite   body wash  and cream but straight after birth they are ideal products to use to shape up.

Things to avoid when pregnant, were the old wife’s tales true. 

Hanging out washing -avoid  yes you can over stretch and can detach the ubelical cord birth.

Using essential oils-not all but some to avoid.

Rosemary non organic because it contains thoujone in high doses which increases blood stimulation. You can use hydro cleansing milk because it’s Rosemary extract not oil.

 Clary sage too is another increasing blood stimulation.

If your not sure avoid any woody essential oils. This includes shampoos and bubble baths from super market chains even if they do not contain warnings to pregnancy.

Lots of gin ! Yes avoid, it does increase blood supply it’s made from juniper berry  which over stimulates kidneys.

Unpasteurised cheeses are a well known one to avoid .

Reflexology avoid when pregnant because it over stimulate. That does not mean you can’t ask you other half to give you a gentle foot rub!

So those old wives new their stuff

One last one is don’t have perms! It either goes too curly,too dry or straight and won’t curl.  My two great friends Nick and Royston ROYSTONBLYTHE  not just award winning hair dressers but TV personalities too. They would always recommend patch testing if you really needed it doing.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my blog post speak soon Deb X

Silk Skin Bee Bee Cream….The Makeup You Can Go To Bed In…..

When I explain how good the bee bee cream is , you could say well she made it so that’s why . But this blog is so thoughtfully written I wanted you to read what has been said from someone who did not make it.
I would like to say she writes beautifully and I’m so grateful

Elegant Ageless Beauty

Welcome to Elegant Ageless Beauty…

Yes you read the title right, today I’m sharing with you a glorious product that is skincare, but because it’s a tinted moisturiser you can use it as makeup. This is the Silk Skin BeeBee Cream from HeavenSkincare by DeborahMitchell.


Very shiny glamorous looking packaging! The top you simply twist up to reveal the pump-action dispenser which I love. The ingredients within the tinted moisturizer are all organic and natural and includes Deborah Mitchell’s patented ABEETOXIN (more about that in a future Face Mask Friday) the base of this lovely BeeBee Cream is organic Soya Bean, other ingredients include Vitamin E, Silk Protein, and Hyaluronic Acid, and there are minerals in there for the colour. A beautiful tinted moisturiser that hydrates the skin, minimises fine lines and wrinkles, its anti ageing and has an SPF 20

The first time I used the BeeBee Cream I…

View original post 378 more words


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