i really have laughed at this and i do want one of these books

Find Your Dream Job

Shed (Sheridan) Simove, heard the laughter track on Friends and wondered if you could live your own sit com.  It started the process which brought about the novelty sound machine.  Retailing at £8.99, it paid his mortgage.

Shed has very shiny shoes, is fairly diminutive (enabling him to disguise himself as a 16 yr old at the age of 30) and has a winning manner.

The author of ‘What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex’,  a book of 200 blank pages,  has sold over 80,000 copies and been translated into four languages.  “All it is is one joke and once you’ve seen the joke once it’s not funny after that” he says honestly.   “But it shows you what can happen when an idea captures people’s imagination and takes off.   I could have done so much with my life, global warming, I could have tackled that, had a go at cancer.” …

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