we had a launch day for the golden bee venom mask, my best product yet although there are only 500 made, we handed around the box carefully I told the story about bringing one of them home for my mom for mother’s day (she had just had a birthday and was very upset not to get one) so this was to be her mother’s day present.  Chatting to my husband and daughter Ella about how precious this bee venom was with its super strength natural botox effect and the perfect glow to the skin . then I left it on the kitchen table to take to moms the next day . When I next went into the kitchen the box was missing just the empty protection shell was left on the side, I ran down stairs to my daughter’s room and there by the side of her bed was the golden bee venom box and her with a shiny face. 14 years old I said “ella that’s nannys mothers day present” she said ” I thought you had bought it home for me”.