My Sister thinks she looks ten years younger than she did ten years ago, but she can now see herself, where as, when i first made my skincare using no preservatives she could never understand why my products never made her face swell and red and blotchy. She did not always use mine and she developed conjunctivitis and used to get this on a regular occasion, never putting two and two together. It was when she went to the hospital with her eyes just not getting any better, the doctor was at a loss because her eye sight was now down to 20% left, her job was Reading Taro Cards and she was pretty good at it ! The doctor said ” you have tried the best ointments and unless we can stop this i’m afraid  your eye sight may suffer further”, lucky for Anne another doctor over heard their conversation and said it’s the preservatives in the ointment. Anne remembered she never had a reaction from my organic cream with no preservatives and realised what she had been doing.

Now Annes eye sight all intact and me minus lots of products, she never buys anyone else’s skincare. Mind you i’m not actually sure she pays that much for mine! her favourite is Limited Edition Cleanser and bee venom mask.