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The WOW product feature today is one that was inspired by my daughter Ellajane, Facewipes I have to admit were never a favorite of mine although I am aware that a lot of the younger generation seem to love them including Ellajane, so when Ellajane asked me to add a skinwipe to our range I knew they had to be the best and one that appealed to all ages! Ellajane and I set out to find the best organic ingredients along with the best material to create what has now become a firm favorite with everyone including celebrities, and the Ellajane celebrity skinwipes are just the first in a line of products that we are now working on so watch this space!

Ellajane Celebrity Skinwipes are designed to exfoliate, deeply cleanse and moisturize the skin, the ingredients work to stimulate collagen production and remove the appearance of fine lines. Apple pectin helps to dissolve and exfoliate dead skin cells, honey works to heal the skin whilst extract of peppermint oil helps balance oily areas and keeps blemishes at bay. The wipes are made from 100% organic cotton and contain only pure, organic and environmentally friendly ingredients, the wipes can be used in conjunction with any of our cleaners as a face cloth too!

Get yours here: http://www.heavenskincare.com/Products.aspx?GroupID=28