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Good morning all,

I hope you have all had a great week (even though the weather has been dire!) my week has been full on and I cant wait to share it with you all on my Monday blog!

I have decided that my weekend posts should be interactive because I love connecting with you all, so today`s headliner is…..

“I have oily skin, which product do I choose from the Heaven range”

Oily skin is the most common among any age group and given the correct products will see great results. Under the summer sun (not that we have seen much of that lately!), it’s hard not to work up a sweat. Unfortunately for those with oily skin, that means breakouts and a shiny face will be as prevalent as beach balls and bathing suits!

So Put down the oil-blotting sheets! It’s time to get your oily skin balanced. If you’re sick of your makeup sliding off your face by the middle of the day, it’s time to take control. The right skin care can control oil and keep skin naturally moisturized.


 This is my gentle cleanser and toner in one so there is no need to add a toner to your routine unless your prefer or unless advised by a Heaven therapist. It gently lathers away dirt and has essential oils to exfoliate dead skin-cells and re-balance oil secretions, and for those of you that like to feel water on the skin this one is for you!

For the lovers of a cream/milk cleanser….

This step is crucial for oily skin. Washing away excess oil without penetrating your skin’s natural moisture is a tough trick for some cleansers, but not for my Hydro cleansing milk! it is a lightweight cream packed full of essential oils that helps to open pores and rid them of dirt and pollutants and as it contains lavender it also helps to calm and heal the skin (ideal to banish the breakouts). This cleanser has my secret ingredient that acts as a moisture reservoir releasing moisture when needed and re-balancing oil secretions.


My skin polish exfoliator comes in 3 strengths and whatever your concern you can be assured one of them will be ideal for you. All are non abrasive and contain Aloe-Vera to reduce signs of ageing (prevention is better than cure! ) it is a clear gel that contains fruit acids known for their slothing of dead skin-cells without harming the outer skin layers, and a must for an oily skin.


Moisturizer I have found over the years is always a grey area for someone with oily skin concerns as they seem to think they don’t need it because their skin is moist enough! this is so not the reality oily skin lacks water and needs hydration. We all need to maintain the correct level of moisture even those of us with oil concerns or classic combination skin. My youthful moisturizer is very light weight and contains Ylang Ylang to re-balance oil secretions. Another of the concerns for someone with an oily skin is dullness and lack lustre so with the added vitamin C locked inside, this moisturizer brings radiance to the surface.

This is a classic routine that will give you the results your looking for, and there are of course other products you can add to your routine too like Masks, Serums, Treatments Oils etc….but I always say get the basics right first and you will be on the path to great healthy looking skin!

I would love to hear about the problems and concerns you all have with your own skin so please stop by and share.

Have a heavenly day

Best wishes

Deborah x