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Hi all I hope you have all had a great week and ready for some R&R and maybe some weekend pampering !

As it is weekend its time to tackle another skin concern...Dry Skin 

One thing I always hear from people with  dry skin is they always wish they had oily skin (try getting an oily skin to agree with that one!)

A dry skin type can be just as troublesome as any other type and if not taken care of correctly with a strict beauty regime can age more quickly than any other skin type because dry skin can turn plump cells into shriveled ones resulting in fine lines and wrinkles, and as dry skin lacks the ability to hold moisture in the outer layers of the skin you lose lack of plumpness, radiance and a smooth surface.

Dry skin is not a serious skin condition unless coupled with something like eczema or rosacea in which case it can be really unpleasant for a person.

I developed this fabulous range for dry skin, but it’s not just about products it’s about lifestyle too , excessive heat, smoking, drinking, sun exposure, pollutants (don’t worry I do not expect you all to stop enjoying yourselves!) just to consider moderation, and if you get that right along with a great skin care routine, you will see and feel fabulous results.

Cleanse Part 1: wipe_200Great for emulsifying               the days makeup

Cleanse part 2: Limited Edition Cleanser

Tone:    Orange Flower Cell Renewal

Eyes: Bee Venom Eyes

Moisturize..Day: Essential Moisturizer

Moisturize..Night: Overnight Success

Treat   Bee Venom Mask

I would recommend using The Bee Venom Mask in conjunction with your moisturizer AM/PM , just a pearl sized amount over the top and then at least 2/3 times a week as a mask for 20 minutes.

Now I know your all probably thinking this is an awful lot of products! but don’t worry you do not have to start out with them all, as long as you get your cleanse, tone and moisturize set in place your on the road to great skin!

I hear all to often “I haven’t got time for all this in a morning when I am trying to get out to work”  and my answer is always the same …”you get one skin in this lifetime, take the time to take care of it” I can promise you once you start to see and feel results, your beauty regime no longer becomes a chore it becomes something to look forward too!

I would love to hear and help you all with your skin concerns, so please ask questions and I will personally answer them.

And to finish as it is going to be a scorcher out there this weekend, please remember to slather on the SPF and stay safe 😎


Deborah x