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Hi everyone, as promised a blog feature on a skin type that is just not focused on enough, and one that affects millions of women all over the world `Menopausal Skin. I am asked about this skin type a lot and one I am proud to say have the perfect products to restore and reinvent the skin you once had.

The skin reflects changes in hormone levels throughout your life. At menopause (usually 45 to 55 although can be earlier) there are significant changes that play havoc with the hydration, elasticity and texture of your skin.

The lack of estrogen has an effect on the suppleness and thickness of the skin. It may become thinner, the surface may still be soft but can appear uneven, dry and dull. There can be a marked decrease in collagen and elastin fibre production resulting in lack of tone, sagging jaw line and wrinkles.
Age defiance cut out
As the skin becomes so thin, signs of sun damage become more obvious. Brown pigmentation patches, broken capillaries and hyper sensitively are all more visible and a direct result of over exposure to the sun.
The lack of Estrogen also allows testosterone to be dominant, increasing the production of oil, enlarging the pores and maybe even bringing a few spots to the mix. (oh the joys of womanhood!)
If hormone replacement therapy is appropriate then this can help improve the tone of the skin, strengthen the collagen fibres and improve the texture. However not everyone feels happy to take this direction and good skincare products can go a long way to improving the changes that nature inflicts on us.
Limited edition Montage
My Limited Edition Cleanser will help to keep the pores clear and hydrated. And to lift dead cells and improve the texture and radiance of the skin use my  Skin Polish Exfoliator & Peppermint Clarifying to balance
Age Defiance moisturizer will target the signs of ageing and keep the skin nourished and hydrated. I am often asked “is it necessary to have a specific night cream” and the answer to that is YES as your skin looses more moisture during the twilight hours so a richer cream is essential,  my Overnight Success cream will restore moisture levels whilst you sleep and will give your skin a rested and plump appearance on waking.

Bee Venom Eyes Is a wonderful product that can also be used around lips as well as these are the two areas most vulnerable to fine lines and deeper wrinkles.

Using the `Heaven help me`  regime, menopausal skin can look just as good as before. Remember the skin will settle down again once the hormones have leveled out, and when this happens you may want to re-adjust your skincare regime again, so I always advise every 6 months to have your skin analysis booked in to keep on track with the correct products and to maintain the balance and give you optimum results.
There are of course treatment products that you can use too like, Bee Venom Mask, lifting and firming mask, SOS oil, LIA Therapy Oil , all of which once you have had your initial skin analysis at one of my spas will give you a clear picture of what suits your needs best, just remember that the products we have spoken of today are the KEY products in the `Heaven Help Me` regime for menopausal skin.
Get on the road to great skin here:
If you have any questions about today’s post or your own experiences with menopausal skin, then please do stop by I love hearing from you all 😎
Have a Heavenly day
Deborah x