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Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and ready for the week ahead. And I hope yesterdays blog on Menopausal skin was helpful to you all.

Today’s blog has been copied and pasted from our newest member to the Heaven team Donna Oulton , Donna owns and runs Planet Heaven PR and came to visit me on Tuesday last week so I thought it would be a nice little touch to let you see how our day went !


Well what can I say about my recent visit to meet Deborah Mitchell creator and owner of Heaven Skincare and inventor of the Bee sting facial …”it really was a day trip to Heaven”

Deborah Mitchell

Inventor Of The Bee Sting Facial
Inventor Of The Bee Sting Facial

I have been working with Deborah and her award-winning brand for a few months , and although I feel like I know her , we have in actual fact only spoken on the phone and through email , I had never met her until today!  And just as I expected she lived up to all the things I thought she was and would be ……A truly inspiring business woman with a fantastic personality and ` Heaven` to be around.

My day started out in the 1st class lounge at Liverpool Lime St Station (courtesy of Deborah ) at 8am and after enjoying the complimentary lattes and muffins I was on my way Wolverhampton bound !

Deborah had arranged for me to be picked up from the station by her lovely daughter Ellajane and Adam. We drove to Deborah’s house and pulled up to a gated house,  Adam entered the gate code , they slowly opened revealing the most beautiful house I have ever  seen ! I entered Heaven and my day began…!


Deborah was sitting in the sun on the patio with Duncan her Graphics guy and when I got out the car she made such a big fuss of me it was like we had known each other for years ,  I connected instantly with her, she is a genuinely warm down to earth person that just happens to also be the inventor of the most prestigious skincare brand and inventor of the globally famous `Bee Sting Facial`, and here I was sitting in the grounds of her home taking in the glorious weather, drinking lattes and helping her and Duncan with new skincare manuals and most of all having a great laugh! I felt like pinching myself just to make sure it was real!

Duncan (Deborah`s) graphics guru was just as lovely as Deborah, down to earth, great laugh , a genius on graphics and my personal favorite …Super passionate about the  Heaven Skincare brand.

Duncan Duracell chilling with Deborah`s wheels (hehe)


After spending a couple of creative hours working (whilst sunbathing obviously) Deborah cooked us the most delicious lunch , and we all sat around a beautiful dinner table, her two children and their friends joined us for lunch too, I felt so privileged to be sat with the family and their friends and even the family pets ! two dogs and the cat puuurfect!

The Inventor of the Bee Sting Facial inventing our lunch 😎 

Deborah Cooking Lunch

Duncan and Deborah`s Son Chris watch the master chef cook lunch!

Duncan and Chris

Lunch was amazing , both food and company, I really felt like I had known Deborah and her family all my life. After lunch we did some more work and whilst sat talking through new projects with Duncan, Deborah emerged from another room clutching a big golden pot of Bee venom Mask ! I was so excited when she took some from the pot and massaged it in to my arm and told me to wait and see what happens……OMG I was seriously blown away by the result, my right arm (one with the Bee venom) had plumped up and felt like silk and next to my left arm looked completely different in texture , clarity and age! It was like that scene from `Death Becomes Her` when Isabella Rossalini` pours the youth elixir into Meryly Streeps finger and you see the youth reinvent her hand! I know what your all thinking  “stop exaggerating” and I am truly not , that is the only way I can describe it in a way you can envision how amazing this was!

 Gold Bee Venom Mask

The Gold Bee Venom Mask is part of a very exclusive membership so I felt very humbled to of witnessed how fabulous this super strength mask really is, the only thing is after using it I have to now buy one! so I have started a Gold Bee Venom Fund (all donations appreciated and accepted)  😎

So after getting over the shock of witnessing the Gold Bee Venom mask at work Deborah then tells me we are going to see where the magic happens….The Heaven Factory ! (could this day get any better..Yes and it does so keep reading !)

We set of for the Heaven factory in Deborah`s car

Deborahs Car

We arrived at the Heaven Factory where I for the second time today was blown away, it was huge and smelt divine 😎  I was greeted by the factory staff who were so welcoming and clearly love their work.

The Heaven Factory Angels 

factory staff

From the factory tour we went in to Heavens offices where I met all the staff and again all so welcoming and had laid on an afternoon cream tea in the boardroom with the biggest scones I have ever seen, along with fresh strawberry’s (see I told you all that the day kept getting better) 😎

We had a brief meeting (whilst eating our cream teas) and Deborah reveled her new kit cosmetic bags!


new cosmetic kit bags

 Caroline Boydell, Deborah`s Best friend and a genuinely lovely lady 😎

caroline Boydell

After a successful brain storm meeting (top secret couldn’t possibly tell hehe) Deborah told me I had an appointment at her very opulent spa in shifnal for a `Bee sting facial` so off I went to be pampered!

Heaven Spa Shifnal


My treatment was with Louise Polak one of heavens spa angels and she was fabulous , the treatment I was given  `The Bee Sting Facial` and what an absolute treat! Louise my therapist was so attentive and so knowledgeable about not only the brand she works for but for her knowledge of the skin and what works best on various concerns etc.. I don’t want to go into too much detail about my treatment as I will be doing a full blog review separately on this, all I will say is WOW and thank you for the Champagne and Strawberry’s after my treatment ! .. watch this space for the full story this week 😎

Lovely Louise my therapist for the day

The lovely Louise my therapist for the day

My day with Deborah & Duncan was drawing close to an end and I can honestly say it was one of the best days I have spent in my lifetime in the beauty industry (and that is above the likes of Dior, Lauder and Lancome) I was treated so well and I would like to thank each and every one of the Heaven staff , Deborah`s family, Duncan and last but by no means least Deborah Mitchell herself, the lady that created the biggest most innovative beauty product to of hit the industry `The Bee Sting Facial` what a truly inspiring woman.

Thank you Deborah it really was my day trip to Heaven

Love Donna


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