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Good morning everyone I hope your all well and enjoying the wonderful weather, I am sure like me your all shocked that its set to last too, as we don’t exactly get blessed with glorious weather in this country but when we do it makes one realize how beautiful our country really is!.

I am having a little holiday with my family and friends in Abersoch this week, and it is just so beautiful down here we are having a lovely time, I will share my week with you all in next Mondays blog.

So today I wanted to focus on a two products that are not only great for pre holiday skin preparation but for every day of the year!

We all hate the dreaded cellulite or orange peel effect as some refer to it, and the good news is we all have it so you’re not alone! and more good news is you can minimize it with great products like Anti Cellulite Body and Salt Glow along with a healthy diet and exercise.


Anti Cellulite body & Salt Glow 

These two wonderful products sit pride of place in my bathroom and I use both daily, and if used regularly will help visibly reduce dimpling and orange peel skin, whilst the Salt Glow will sloth away dead skin cells and detox the body of fat build up leaving your skin smooth as silk with a radiant glow ( and it smells delicious too!).

This time of year we all seem to want to prep and preen our bodies so we have beach beautiful bodies, and these two products after your first time using them will give you the want and will to continue all year round because the results after that initial application is very much apparent!.

Anti Cellulite Body

Anti-Cellulite Body Wash will eradicate those unsightly dimples. It contains ingredients including asparagus, a good source of vitamins A & C, white birch to help break down calcified deposit. Eucalyptus and cypress for increasing the metabolic rate that the fat is dispersed in the body.

Salt Glow

Sea salt and algae, helps to detoxify the body. Relax in the bath as the salts melt around you and the essential ingredients infuse into the skin getting to work internally as well as externally, helping the body to excrete fat and toxins. Excellent for treating cellulite.

Get yours here: