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One of the things that affects our skin behavior is Stress, and lets face it our lives are so fast paced theses days that our stress levels can rocket resulting in major changes in our skin.

Have you ever noticed that when you are worried, concerned, nervous about an event, interview or appointment and even a date! that out of the blue a spot will appear! well this is because when we get stressed the body causes a physiological chemical reaction in our bodies, it produces cortisol known by scientists as “the stress hormone” cortisol causes inflammation of the organs in our bodies and as your skin is the largest organ this too becomes inflamed, so when your pores become inflamed they clog more easily resulting in the dreaded spots, inflamed collagen results in wrinkles and along with this comes itchiness and dry skin.

What can we do about it?

Well in an ideal world we would banish stress completely! but realistically we just need to identify the things that make us stressed and learn to cope with them better through exercise,yoga, etc…and above all great skin care, but also to carve out time for ourselves to reduce tension. Relax in a luxurious bath or shower using my Dream Body Wash.

Dream Body Wash is a pure indulgent treat that will leave your skin exfoliated and silky soft. It works on a sensory level so it will calm and relax your mind making you sleepy before bedtime, and used in conjunction with the Dream Body Oil will aid a restful nights sleep.

And as an added extra treat, light one of my Heaven Scent Candles to help dissolve stress and restore calm, simply Heaven!

The secret to stress free skin lies within our hydration levels, so it is imperative to moisturize day and night, and 3 times a week treat your skin to a rich luxury mask like Divine Cream

Divine cream will increase the collagen and elastin and set the perfect platform for your moisturizer.

Applying Age Defiance moisture cream on to dampened skin will result in maximum hydration, so apply when your toner is still wet on the surface of the skin and it will saturate hydration levels.

One of the things to remember is although you can’t actually see stress, you can see the results of it as we wear it on our skin for all to see, but given the time, care and attention which during stressful times we all tend to neglect and ignore, you can reduce stress levels and have gorgeous glowing skin!

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