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Good morning all, another scorcher of a day to be blessed with, I hope your all practicing safe sun and slathering on the SPF and cocooning yourselves in After Soother Sun Savior to restore the moisture levels!

Today I want to introduce you to some products that during this heat wave are just as important to treat and take care of as much as our skin. Our hair!, if you look out at your gardens at the condition of the grass you will see the sun will of scorched, bleached, singed and sapped all the moisture from your once lush Green lawns….am I right?

Well think about what this heat wave is doing to your hair! UVB and UVA rays are just as damaging to your hair as they are to your skin and yet we tend to not think about hair care in these conditions.

A real treat and must have for your hair is my Hair Strengthening Shampoo & Conditioner. Your hair is exposed to the elements the most and we need to care for it in the same way we do our skins. Sun damaged hair looks limp, lifeless and dull so treating it to my heavenly combination of super rich conditioning shampoo and conditioner will boost the hydration levels in every strand.

Rejuvenate your hair as you would your skin by washing it with this Heavenly shampoo. It will repair the look of current damage and provide protection from any future harm as it moisturizes the scalp and hair follicles.

Nourish your hair and protect it against split ends.  This conditioner will insulate and hydrate every strand to give your hair a healthy, hydrated look and feel.

It will rebuild damaged hair and fortify it from the root leaving the condition of your hair dramatically improved.

And a little tip for a real intense conditioning treatment mask add a few drops of SOS Oil to the conditioner and leave on for 15 minutes, wash off and you will be amazed how soft your hair will feel and how glossy and healthy it looks!

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