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Good afternoon everyone, what a week it has been for sunshine, we are all looking a little healthier (some a little sunburned tutut!) but I suppose as we are so alien to this much sunshine in the UK we tend to go slightly mad on the sunbathing front and bask in it as much as we can for fear of it disappearing never to be seen again!

So with the holiday season in full swing our want for the body beautiful is forever in our sights, and with this in mind today’s focus is on `fat or Fluid which is it`? and how do I determine in order to target it?

Here is how…. Body Washes

Do you need Total Detox Body Wash for fluid retention and dry skin?


Do I need Anti Cellulite Body Wash for breaking down dimples and stimulating the detoxification process to trim and tone? 


Do I need dream Body Wash because my skin lacks luster? 

The best way to check which one you need is really very simple.

The Heaven Test…

Press your thumb hard in to the skin on your thigh and upper arm, hold and count to 6, then release..and the longer the skin stay`s white the more it’s telling you that you need the Detox Body Wash.

1 to 2 seconds you most definitely need the Dream Body Wash because the chances are you`re collagen needs stimulating.

2 to 4 seconds you will need the
Anti-Cellulite Body Wash to break down the stubborn subcutaneous particles, while stimulation of the kidneys will ensure that beach perfect body. needs stimulating by the Grapefruit and Sandalwood to smooth and firm.

4 to 6 seconds you will need the Detox Body Wash to reduce fluid retention allowing you to slip in to that slinky summer dress you have been dying to wear! 

Little tip when using the Detox Body Wash is only use it am and never pm as it is likely to keep you awake all night due to its stimulating ingredients!

So what are you waiting for …Get a Heavenly Beach ready Body!