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“Hello All “

I have just got back with my family from a very lovely week`s holiday in Abersoch (although I was still working in-between!), and what a fantastic week it was, weather, company, food &(wine!), the one thing about the UK is if we get great weather it makes you realize that holidaying in good old Blighty is just the best!

So in typical Deborah fashion whilst I was away decided to play around with a possible new addition to the Heaven brand…..A chocolate face mask!

I figured as the sun was blazing everyday that my skin could do with an extra hydration boost and what better way but with chocolate, and with its high sugar content helps to sloth away dead and dull skin cells, and high fat content really conditions the skin.

I probably should say at this point I actually just used a jar of Nutella 😎 , so I applied a thin layer and left in for ten minutes (resisting the urge to lick it off !) and then removed initially with an Ellajane skin wipe and then removed any left traces with the Limited edition cleanser.

Result: Glowing, super hydrated, soft smooth and radiant skin !

A word of warning may cause lots of laughter among family members when wearing and also the family pet may need restraining as it will want to lick you face a lot !

So after my chocolate face treat (feeling rather hungry) I took the family to my favorite restaurant, Bar Zinc http://www.zincabersoch.com/ where we were rather pleased to find the owner had laid on a leaving party for one of the staff, so what started out as just a meal ended up as a very enjoyable party night !


 One of the things I do love about holidays is taking all my lotions and potion with me and really getting in to the enjoyment/ritual of indulgent luxury facial treats, which as I am sure you all know during the summer months your skin needs more nourishment as it dehydrate`s in the hot sun.Awards ad montage products

At night I will slather on the Divine Cream as it stimulates collagen production which after a day in the sun will have been broken down by UVB and UVA rays, this is why when your tan starts to fade your skin looks decidedly older, Divine Cream also stops brown marks building up.DIVINE_CREAM_200

I also get fluid retention especially on holiday so I find myself increasing my fluid intake, I drank lots of juices and clear water along with Detox Body Wash showers in the mornings and at night The Dream Body Wash which also helped me drift off to sleep and tone my skin ahhh Simply Heaven! so apart from inventing new and innovative face masks and eating lots of Fish at my favorite eatery I did have some wind down time with my family, friends and even my little dog paddy 😎 who also got the Heaven treatment after he burnt his little nose in the sun (He did have SPF on by the way!) but as it was so hot he did burn his nose!BEE VENOM POT 50ml + Bee

So Bee Venom Mask to the rescue, I slathered some on the tip of his nose much to his annoyance as the poor little thing was in pain and slightly swollen, and almost immediately he was as right as rain ! the Bee Venom had taken the burn out and reduced the swelling, and the following morning it was like it had never even been burnt….Result = Happy Doggy ! and now adds new meaning to the children`s film “All Dogs Go To Heaven!” because they really do!

And last but by no means least…We have a new royal prince ! And I would like to congratulate His & Her Royal Highness the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their little prince Proud parents and proud Britain !

Here is a little montage of pictures on my week in the very beautiful Abersoch, friends, Family and Pets!

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