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Hi everyone, I have been rather busy with the new launch of my Silk Skin tinted moisturiser™ http://www.heavenskincare.com/Products/Product.aspx?ID=187

(which is flying off the shelves by the way!) so my apologies for neglecting you all for a few days!

top 10 do and donts

I am asked a million times a week by editors and journalists and customers what are my personal top ten`Do`s & Dont`s ` so what better way to answer them and you than on my blog ! Do….. Change your Skincare regime as the seasons change so does the behaviour of your skin ! Do…. exfoliate 2/3 tomes a week with a none abrasive exfoliator Cleansers . This stimulates cells everyone knows but by stimulating cells the skin becomes young(depending on the exfoliate). Do…. have two Moisturisers for Am and Pm , as your skin looses more moisture during the night, so a night-time moisture cream will be richer and more nourishing, whilst your day cream will be lighter whilst still hydrating. Do…. use an eye cream ! this is something a lot seem to think they do not need because they use a moisture cream, this is so not true! an eye cream is specially formulated for the delicate skin around the eye area, its lightweight formula will keep those bags at bay! Do…. drink plenty of water throughout the day, your skin looses drink water imagemoisture constantly so drinking plenty of water will replace some of that lost moisture keeping your skin healthy, glowing plump and youthful.

Dont…. Please don’t pick your spot or squeeze a black head with out squeeze spots NO NO NOProfessional attention . A spot will last a short time, a scar could last forever!

Dont…. always think expensive is best,  you can even make your own preparations at home that really work. Example: Banana wrap for hard skin, take inside of banana peel and mix with orange and olive oil. Applied at night will also help verruca`s too. Green bean`s for pigment and skin warts . Apply opened green bean ( fresh) leave again at night, no one wants to have a green bean on them in the day! If you cannot afford real jasmine oil (it is quite expensive) you can buy a bottle of jasmine oil for hair it is used in Indian culture before wedding ceremonies, but also lovely for a silk skin sheen.

3 Dont`s in one…. don’t miss meals, don’t leave make up on and don’t use heavy eye creams they all age you a decade FACT! Not eating make`s you retain fluid and also dehydrate`s  your skin creating open pores and puffy look. Leaving make up at bedtime has just recently been studied and the problems that the body has to over come during the twilight hours such as fighting bacteria on skin, Loosing moisture, cell renewal etc… makes it harder when the skin is suffocated with cosmetics, so no Ellajane skinwpiesmatter how tired (tipsy) you may be .DONT go to bed in your make-up, get yourself some Skin Wipes for ease of use while your nodding off 😎 Don’t have drinking binges, even younger skins can look fifty after a heavy night out!  but when your age is rolling on just don’t bother it’s not worth the headache and surgery! because the worry is you may never look like you again! so high days only a little tipple low days treat yourself to a……. Spa day  http://www.heavenskincare.com/Salons.aspx, this will give you the best high and probably cost about the same!

“Don’t complain you can’t afford beauty treats, colleges are only too keen to have you as a model to give there trainees practice time, at a fraction of the price in a spa”!

Have a heavenly day love !

Deborah x