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“You will all be thrilled to hear that you can now book all your favourite Heaven Spa treatments on-line through the very comprehensive and easy to use, booking system”!
I am really happy to announce an on-line booking system is now available, it is accessed from the main home page (where it says “Book Your Treatment Today”) and from the members area (there is a new section for users to manage salon bookings.

Initially the salon will receive an email to indicate that a new booking is available.

Important: If an appointment can not be honoured for any reason then the customer must be contacted.

What does it do?

  • Select your preferred treatments (upto a maximum of 3).
  • Select your preferred therapist, or leave as any.
  • Select your preferred start time (an appointment will not be offered prior to this time).
  • Select your preferred date.

At this point the on-line system will go through the diary for each therapist, find the next available slot (not necessarily on preferred date) where the treatment can be added (for each of the selected therapists).  The customer can then select their preferred appointment.

The system will only allow appointments to be placed where there is free space in the diary, it will not overlap them.

You can also view and manage all your appointments on-line in our Members area, including the booking and cancellation of appointments (appointments can only be cancelled online with 48 hours notice).

It will take about 15 minutes for the data to be replicated and the appointments to become visible within the salon and mill.

See the link to book yours now: