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I am Very Proud To Introduce My Black Label Bee Venom™ Range.

This wonderful new range has all the benefits and ingredients from the original Bee Venom and then some!

I have developed this range for clients that were looking for something more intense, rich and for skins that were more prone to ageing, and for clients who have used the silver bee venom and want to improve further or for clients wanting a super strength formula. Black Label is the crème de la crème of the Bee venom range packed full of the secrets to eternal youth.

The bee venom works to control the facial muscles giving an instant lifting and tightening effect almost mimicking the effect a bee sting has on the skin, but without the obvious painful sting, it smooths the frown lines on the forehead and get`s to work on wrinkles.

The black Label Bee Venom™ range is also great for the relief of sunburn, Eczema, Sun sensitivity and Acne. The Black Label Bee Venom Eyes™ can be used around the lip contour line to plump out lines.

This wonder product can be used as a mask 2 or 3 times a week, as a moisturiser and it can be used as a base under your make-up to create the perfect canvas for a smooth velvet complexion.

Black Label Bee Venom is in truth nature’s natural alternative to Botilium Toxin, this super strength formula will give you the skin you were once in!

Essential Oils: Rose, Lavender

Herb: Marshmallow

Base: Shea Butter

Vitamins: E, Beta-carotene

Other: Bee Venom, Manuka Honey AbeetoxinTM, P-P-MTM