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Bee Venom Mask (15ml)
Bee Venom Mask is ideal for hydration as well as anti-aging.

Vanilla Pod Hand and Nail Cream (15ml)
Vanilla Pod Hand and Nail Cream will stay on skin for hours, excellent for conditioning nails and hands and improving nail strength and growth.

Heaven Scent (25m)
Heaven Scent lifts your spirit and helps with the fear of flying as its aphrodisiac properties release happy thoughts in the brain.

Hydro cleansing milk (25m)
Hydro Cleansing Milk cleans and seals the skin against moisture loss, great for sun burnt skin on holiday.

Peppermint Clarifying Lotion (25ml)
Peppermint Clarifying Lotion leaves a film of hydration on the skins surface, preventing it from drying out. It also prevents imperfections, while guarding against coughs and colds in the atmosphere.


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This super intense version of our ground breaking and incredibly popular Bee Venom Mask does all that the original can do – and then some!

Its unique highly concentrated formula, consisting of natural and organic ingredients, works with your skin and facial muscles to produce instantly satisfying results.

This luxury wonder product promises to help banish those annoying frown lines and wrinkles, making your skin look instantly younger and smoother.