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“The eyes are the window to the soul, they can tell a million stories and hold a million memories, look after them and the stories they tell will always be filled with happiness”

I am always telling people “prevention is better than cure”, and that “everyone should use an Eyes treatment cream or gel”, although a lot of people presume eye treatment creams are just for the more mature lady/gent purely because most people think they are just targeted at lines and wrinkles, when in actual fact there are various eye creams that target specific concerns like dark circles, puffiness, dehydration, sensitivity, fine lines, deeper wrinkles and hooded lids. There are many factors to consider too, like pollutants, genetics, foods, smoking, alcohol all have an adverse effect on our skin so a healthier lifestyle is worth practicing (everything in moderation).

The skin around the eyes produces very little oil, and once you hit puberty the glands stop producing that oil, so hydration is a must! also the skin around the eyes is so much thinner and delicate and is more prone to damage and premature aging.  so whatever your concern you can be assured Heaven can help.

“My concern is lines, wrinkles so which do I choose”?


Bee Venom Eyes ™ is for you…this potent pot of wonder has all the ingredients you will need to combat fine lines and wrinkles, and unlike many other eye treatment creams Bee Venom Eyes ™ can be used on the lids too, so if you are starting to see what we all know as the `hooded Lid` where the outer upper eyelid starts to droop slightly, then you will love the result this treatment cream gives. The Bee Venom ingredient works to relax the muscles, works on puffiness and brightens the dark circles around the eyes and gives an immediate lifting. tightening and firming effect and visibly smoother youthful looking skin.

“My concern is puffiness and dark circles, what should I be using”?

Eye Soother Gel 50mlPuffiness and dark circles can be hereditary although late nights and burning the candle at both ends can result in this concern. Bags under the eyes can be especially pronounced if you have also eaten a lot of salt in your evening meal because water travels from the areas in the body where there is low salt concentration to tissues where there is more salt content resulting in puffiness under the eye, this is also a factor when we have been crying , the eyes puff up because of the salt content, Can we remedy it? well of course we can, Eyes smoother gel™ is known to a  lot of heavens clients as`Clubbers eye gel`(great for those late night revelers!) . Eye soother gel is especially good for puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the eye area as well as hydrating and contains azulene for its anti inflammatory properties.

“My main concerns are dry eyes, fine lines and dark circles “?

Heavenly Eyes ™ regeneration complex has a rich and yet lightweight putty like texture, and when pressed into the areas of concern around the eyes, will hydrate, fill and plump giving a smooth texture, radiance and brighter appearance around the Eyes

puffy eyes

“And what about the man in my life whose concern is dry skin and puffiness around his eyes”?

Dry skin around the Eyes can be such a discomfort and usually goes hand in hand with puffiness, both of these concerns can result in premature aging around the eye area and can easily be remedied with 02 Eye Cream™ designed especially for men. This lightweight cream is enriched with vitamin A to eradicate fine lines and has a moisture reservoir to retain moisture levels around the eye.


So whether your concern is lines , puffiness, dryness etc.. always remember your main concern and target this when you purchase an eye cream to ensure maximum targeted results.

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