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“People always ask me how I get to meet so many celebrity clients”  “well the answer is everyone likes to chat about the things they really love and then tell their friends and family”

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Dannii Minogue and her sister Kylie are no different to you and I “(well apart from being absolutely gorgeous) they chat the same.

The first day I met Kylie’s sister Dannii, Kylie had been using my Orange Flower Cell Renewal and told Danni about my Heaven range,
So I’m walking down the stairs at heaven at the hale clinic, Regents Park London and I walk past Dannii Minogue, you know how it is, you have said hello and smiled because you feel you know them but really they are on TV that’s how you know them! Anyway I walked on and thought oh there’s Kylie’s sister Dannii, then a few minutes later I walk back upstairs to my treatment room and Dannii Minogue is my next client! Of course I was so pleased Kylie had introduced Dannii, they both are such lovely people and when Dannii was on X factor she loved to use Heaven Scents and still does.

Over the years Dannii has loved Heaven products and always chatted about how her and Kylie love Heaven products.
Occasionally Dannii will order products from the Heaven salon in Shifnal and the girls there get a treat from chatting to her while she places her order.

This kit I made for Dannii Minogue and her sister Kylie ( Orange Flower for her) lots of my celebrity clients have bought this kit too.

Look and feel like a celebrity with this Celebrity Stars Kit.
Containing all the favourite products that celebrities love so much.



25ml Limited Edition Cleanser
25ml Skin Polish Exfoliator
25ml Chamomile desensitizer
15ml Bee Venom Mask
15ml Overnight Success
15ml Age Defiance

Along with the joy of looking after celebrities my children also get to be part of it, and on my daughter Ellajane`s birthday Dannii sent her a CD and she was thrilled !

When my son Chris met her he was about 11 I think. He was he was so happy he never came back to earth! We got invited to the X factor each year, but when Chris got a present through the post, a box with Dannii ‘s logo on top he could hardly contain himself!


“It was a team Dannii hoody” 

He never took off , we walked up a mountain by us called the Wrekin and half way there is a place to stop . He had left his hoody there, and when he got to the bottom of the mountain , he realised and ran half way back up !!


One very happy boy!

Favourite treatments of Dannii are the LIA therapy and BSF facial (Bee Sting Facial) , Heaven slmd ( slimming lymph drain massage).

Before the live shows she would always have a course of these to get into shape , travelling does cause havoc with fluid retention.

“Of course, it is lovely to have the privilege to work with celebrities from the music, TV and film industry, but every Heaven client from all walks of life are very special to me and to my Heaven angels”.

Take a look at Heaven`s luxury treatments and book yourself a little bit of Heaven!