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Well what an exciting start to my week! I was invited on the Alan Titchmarsh show along with other natural beauty experts, to demonstrate the BSF (Bee Sting Facial).

Only 500 in production, exclusive membership to the Gold Bee Venom club can be through sales@heavenskincare.com

Only 500 in production, exclusive membership to the Gold Bee Venom club can be through sales@heavenskincare.com

My day started out very early to catch a train to London to the ITV studios and to meet with Donna from Planet Heaven PR, who was my model for the day, and off we trotted to ITV studios for the show.

Virgin Trains first class-1387690

We were met by our runner for the day, and very nice he was too, all be it a bit shy, until I shrouded him in a mist of Heaven Scent and whoosh! Mr confident appeared! it really is amazing seeing the effect Heaven Scents has on a persons confidence,  I actually gave him the bottle as a gift at the end of the day and he was thrilled.

Our next meeting was with the very beautiful Nadine Baggott (presenter and beauty editor for Hello Magazine) for a catch up and a brief before rehearsals.

Nadine Baggott



nadine 001

We were escorted to the studio for a rehearsal mid morning, where we met the rest of the beauty experts, including Simply Divine who specialize in the Snail Facial, Susannah Makram Celebrity Osteopath at Harvey Nichols London, Hula Nails who specialize in spray whitening the body for a Dita Von Teese look, and a company that specializes in stem cell lotions and potions! all very fabulous companies and all passionate about what they do, I have a lot of respect for them all, their products and their services.

Alan Titchmarsh

alan titchmarshRehearsals went really well, all very relaxed, and we got to meet the man himself ,Presenter of the show Alan Titchmarsh (thank you for my sisters signed autograph she was thrilled!) , who was really nice and very receptive of all the treatments on the show.

The live performance

The live show came and went in the blink of an eye although I was really excited to of announced on the show my secret patented ingredient ABEETOXIN™ , and it felt good!, Donna and I loved every minute, we were both treated extremely well by all the staff and runners at ITV and best of all we got to meet some celebrities in the green room, which you will see in the slide show at the bottom of the page.

I would just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone at ITV, especially Nadine Baggott and Alan Titchmarsh for making the day so Heavenly!

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