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How to use Gold Bee Venom and Formula B


First and foremost….get yourself a lock box with a key! Or even better if you have an at home safe put it in there!

Potent Power Of Patented ABEETOXIN Only At Heaven Skincare

Potent Power Of Patented ABEETOXIN
Only At Heaven Skincare

You apply Gold Bee Venom mask as you would the silver or the black label. Apply a layer on top of your Moisturiser am and pm. Apply on to the eye lids too, and do not wash off until you next cleanse again. If you have applied Gold Formula B you will only need a thin layer on top.

Do I need Gold Bee Venom mask? 

Yes of course you do, everyone wants to look younger and it will not be too much for your skin. You will just feel smooth and firmer and tighter but strangely relaxed

Will you ever do smaller sizes like 15 ml so I can afford to try it?

Never say never, so watch this space!  I would like to own one myself; I have only ever had one Gold Bee Venom mask and one formula B. I would love some more.

 What does it mean “In the gold club”?

You get a personal letter from me of authenticity, as well as being the first to try or to buy new product launches from heaven.

Can I buy another one for my mom or friend? 

Yes you can, we have your code and will present them with their own unique code welcoming them to the Gold club. It really is a gift for all eternity, a Gold gift from Heaven.

How does formula B work?

This really is the Bee Venom moisturizer that the world was waiting for!

Does it contain Bee Venom?

Yes it does, this is in the patent ingredient….Abeetoxin

Do I need to patch test?

Because this is Abeetoxin, the bee venom formula is unique no one has ever had a reaction to this product at all, and especially no one with a bee allergy.face patch test

So why do we say have a patch test?

We say this so that you are not fearful of what the product will do when in contact with your skin, because fear makes the skin react in strange ways, so if you are nervous, just patch test and your mind will rest as your body looks younger.

I have eczema can this help?

Yes it can and will. The formula B especially, is used to fight eczema condition`s on the face and body

The formula B jar is very large why is this?

Yes it is large because this pot is designed to be used on the face and the body so that little bit more is always a bonus! And I will only ever make 500 in this size.


“Gold Bee Venom Mask Formula B Are the best products I’ve ever made, and are sought after by people globally, from consumers, to Celebrities from the world of film and TV and music”

Mother Nature hit the jackpot with the ingredients that make Abeetoxin, and coupled with Gold Bee Venom makes it such a regal product.

It has an intricate patent formula that has a lasting effect on relaxing tense facial muscles, but at the same time it regenerates the skin tissue at a phenomenal rate, the skin has a refined look as it firms and tightens.

Supplies of the raw ingredients for this very strong Abeetoxin are so rare it is impossible to make more than 500 Gold Bee Venom and Formula B at any one time. Each jar has a serial number unique to the user, and this becomes your membership number to the Gold club.

So for example….

GBV 500 would be your number if you were the last to have the 500th product left in the world, and that would then be your unique membership number.

GFB 500 would be your Formula B Gold moisturizer.

You can only ever buy one in your lifetime; because they are so rare, so potent and so effective against the anti-ageing process that you would only ever need one treatment of it.

Once you have used Gold Bee Venom its Potent power is evident, your skin is alive and firm, a feeling that stays even after you cleanse your skin.

A Question that is always asked is:

“what do I do when it runs out”? 

You move on to the Black Label range, this range has a quarter of the Gold ingredient in the formula, and you can see why the Gold is so rare, there just is not enough of the Gold Abeetoxin to go in to every product I make, and I suppose if there was enough then the world’s population would never age! The Gold Bee venom Mask was a very special royal gift too!

Now isn’t that something to think about!

If you would like to be part of the exclusive Gold Club contact sales@heavenskincare.com


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