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So the Summer is well and truly over , and that gorgeous golden glow you had has disappeared, and you are left with visible sun damage , causing you to see the signs of ageing  it has left you with, along with dehydration and pigmentation…“what can you do about it, and how can I get back that dewy fresh look again”?

Skin Polish

Skin polish lifts the old and dead skin cells, there is no harsh rubbing like most exfoliators, it works on melting dead skin particles and gently sloths them away. The sugar and aloe Vera ingredients will stimulate fresh, new vibrant cells.


Step One…Cleanse skin with an EllajaneCelebritySkinwipe , the apple pectin in the wipes gets to work on removing dirt and dead skin cell.

Step Two… A few drops of Advanced Skin Polish Exfoliator, apply and leave on for One minute, however if you do not like the tingling sensation from the  Skin Polish then remove straight away and move on to step Three.

Step Three…Apply the Cleanse And Tone Facial Wash , the mandarin and organic oil stimulates collagen, making your skin look and feel plumper and fresher looking.

Step Four… Apply a few drops of Orange Flower Cell Renewel to lined and pigmented areas with your fingertips, you will feel the lotion gently melt and dissolve into the skin, lines are softened and pigmentation begins to fade.

Step Five… Wash the skin with warm water and pat dry, and apply Divine Cream

Step Six… Apply Black Label Bee Venom Mask , this is your skins top coat, telling the lines too relax and smooth.

Bee Venom Mask With Heaven`s Patented Abeetoxin™

Bee Venom Mask With Heaven`s
Patented Abeetoxin™

Step Seven… Apply Black Label Bee Venom Eyes, the royal Abeetoxin™ in the mask and eye cream really is the closest thing nature has to botulism injectables. A new smoother, firmer skin emerges like a chrysalis.

Product - Heaven Health & Beauty Ltd - Heaven Skin Care for healthy skin, mind, body and soul.

Reveal the new you and love the skin you’re in!