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Free radio and Heaven competition winner Katie Wood

Free radio and Heaven competition winner Katie Wood

“Katie tell us about the day you entered the competition on free radio

“The day I entered the competition I was driving to take my children to school. I heard Deborah on free radio and was smiling away to myself thinking “someone is going to love that prize!” All day I kept thinking about it and later in the afternoon that day I decided to enter but my phone died! When I got back in, I popped my phone into the charger and started writing “why I thought I should win” I just couldn’t get it out of my head!

“when did you find out you had won and how did you feel”?

Later that week, I was shopping and my phone rang and when I answered it was Fresh and Cat! (presenters from free radio ) I nearly screamed! I was chatting away to them and they were laughing away with me before long! I was so nervous the whole time though! Then Cat asked me how would I feel if I won, I replied I would probably cry! She said “start crying!!!!!!!” I genuinely think I went into shock! I couldn’t really speak and found it hard to describe how happy I was! For 3 days after I kept expecting to get a call saying they had picked the wrong person or something!

“What was your night at Park house like”?

Within a few days I has spoken direct with Deborah which completely blew me away! She even took the time to keep in touch whilst in New York! Then I was given an amazing publicist Donna Oulton from Planet Heaven PR  and she kept in regular contact and arranged my entire experience!

First I stayed in The park House Hotel I walked in and tried to pretend like I did this all the time! I was showed up to my suite and literally as soon as the man left I started jumping up and down and squealing! It was out of this world! It had a lounge area, a four-poster bed and the most beautiful bathroom (complete with a jacuzzi bath that lit up of course! ) it even smelt beautiful and I had dressing gowns all wrapped up in an organza bow! Then I went down to a 3 course meal which was well… yummmmmy! I decided that as I was a celebrity I would order breakfast in bed the next morning and bang on time it arrived! Although I must confess, I was far to excited to eat much! I was off to my spa day afterwards!

“Tell us about your spa day, from being chauffeured around by white7  , too receiving flowers from Jan Parks”?

My chauffeur from white7 picked me up, he knocked the door and again my jaw dropped! A brand new 7 series BMW awaited! My chauffeur was so lovely! We chatted about what the day had install for me! As we pulled up to Heaven I was immediately greeted by the most welcoming and lovely girls you could hope to meet! I was given champagne (with a raspberry!) And given a lovely bunch off flowers just from the girls at Heaven!

Celebrity Winner Katie Wood and Jane Park from Blue Florist Shifnal

Celebrity Winner Katie Wood and Jane Park from Blue Florist Shifnal

Then Jan Parks came in from Blue Florist and presented me with the biggest most beautiful bouquet of lilies and roses! Jan was so lovely and it was an absolute pleasure to meet such a wonderful lady!

“How was your Day at the Heaven Spa, what treatments did you have and how was you looked after”?

I was then taken for my first treat! I sat in a massaging chair and one of the girls gave me a deluxe pedicure…. the other girls came in and was chatting away to me and the atmosphere was incredible! There was such a buzz! They gave me this really cool gadget and said “pick any song!” And it has virtually all the songs ever on there you could imagine! Hahaha! It was amazing! I then was taken for a deluxe manicure and I chose a glittery shellac finish! The whole time I was offered fruit/champagne! I quickly had to change to coffee though as I wanted to remember the entire day!! then Steph took me in a room and the only way to describe it is “wow” it has stars in the ceiling that twinkle through out your treatment! The bed is really comfy and is heated so you are sooooo relaxed even before the treatment starts! I was lucky enough to experience a full body massage and blimey, I really had to stop myself from falling asleep! There was no way was I going to miss out by sleeping! I’m pretty sure she has magic hands! I don’t relax easily but it was very easy to go into a whole other world!

Heaven Salon Xmas 2013

“Tell us about Black-Orchid-Salon , how was your experience having your hair styled with them”?

My chauffeur from white7 picked me back up and took me to Black-Orchid-Salon where I was treated to lunch in a VIP area and then had my hair completely changed by one of the owners! I was also given a brilliant goody bag which had in everything you need for fabulous hair! I would recommend this salon to anyone! they really know their stuff and looked after my every need! I then went back to Steph at Heaven and her magic hands, and she indulged me a reflexology treatment! I have to admit I didn’t really know what reflexology was beforehand but now I can’t wait to book and go back for another! Steph could tell what areas I have problems with through out my body just by my feet! I was blown away! She even knew I had been suffering toothache! I was amazed and I can’t recommend highly enough to everyone to have it done!



“How did it feel having a facial from Celebrity facialist Deborah Mitchell, and being followed round by your very own paparazzi and celebrity photographer Steve Elliott Images“?

Whilst I was sat nattering away to the girls, my very own paparazzi showed up and it sent us all into fits of giggles whilst we shooed him away but we secretly loved it when he wouldn’t go and just carried on in true paparazzi style! Then Deborah came In and embraced me like an old friend! I felt amazing as I had been incredibly excited to meet her! She didn’t let me down! She was even more amazing in real life! She is beautiful inside and out and that alone would have been enough but then I was asked to go back to the starry room for the most incredible facial you could receive! I kept thinking “I cant believe that this is happening! She treats Royalty!” Hahaha! It was such an incredible experience. She told me that she was happy I had won and that I was exactly the sort of person that she could have wished to win. It was out of this world. It was extremely special and I felt completely exhilarated! I was on cloud 9! Then one of the girls stayed behind and re-applied my make up whilst the naughty paparazzi tried to get a few cheeky shots of me without my make up! Deborah then gave me a bag of goodies and my chauffeur took me back home!

“You presented an award at the Heaven party , how was it? was you nervous”?

It was an absolute pleasure to attend the Heaven award ceremony! We walked in and was given champagne and canapes and after a short while taken into a breath-taking room full of glitz and glamour! It oozed Deborah! The tables were decorated with the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen, and later found out celebrity florist Julie Bates of peony had created these incredibly decadent centre pieces (I wanted to take one home!) Again had a gorgeous 3 course meal and then the time was nigh…..

Deborah introduced “celebrity Katie Wood” to present the first award! The whole room started clapping and I walked onto the stage! I was quickly briefed about the winner and took a breath and started the process of the worlds worst presentation! I loved it though and again Deborah was at my side to help me through it!

“Part of your prize was to have your house cleaned along with more fresh flowers from Jan Parks, how was this for you”?

A few days passed and life started to get back to normal and then my cleaner turned up with a gardener and blitzed my house and tidied up my garden! I went out shopping for the day (as a true celebrity should!) And returned to an immaculate house and even more treats from Heaven! I screamed and danced around again! It was little details that I really appreciated! Like she arranged my pillows lovely and basically gave me a full maid service! And then the following day Jan from Blue Florist surprised me with another beautiful floral arrangement! Hand delivered by herself!

And to top it off I was given two beautiful everlasting floral arrangements from celebrity florist Julie Bates from peony , a truly wonderful reminder of how special my time as a Celebrity for a day really was, and one I will cherish.

Celebrity Florist Julie Bates From Peony

Celebrity Florist Julie Bates From Peony

“How would you sum up your overall experience as a celebrity Heaven winner”?

It was completely surreal and amazing! Words can not describe! It has changed my life…. I have made time for myself more since, and I gave up smoking in preparation as I wanted to enjoy the entire day and not need to “nip out!” I have started exercising and people keep commenting on my skin! every night before I go to sleep I use my products and think about my day in Heaven and know that ill be back soon!

“Katie you were the perfect winner, and will always be a celebrity in Heavens eyes along with an honorary Heaven Angel accolade”

Deborah x

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