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Heaven in Holland by Deborah Mitchell Saved My Hands!



Cracked fingers…. so bad that gnomes had a field day bungeejumping inside the gigantic crevices. That has been the story of my life for the past 5 years. I was a sufferer. Not just the average sufferer…. my fingers would crack and bleed starting in October and stay that way all through May.

The worst days would be marked by 24 cracks per finger and all ten fingers would be affected. With 2 small children to take care of this affliction was more than debilitating.

Changing diapers was the worst of all chores, as my skin would catch on the diaper material. If I was lucky enough that a crack healed, it would leave a deep scar which was itching to burst open again at any time.

Bee Venom Mask With Heaven`s Patented Abeetoxin™

Bee Venom Mask With Heaven`s
Patented Abeetoxin™

Naturally I took my case to my local doctor, who after trying everything that the pharmacy stocked, finally referred me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist had my try everything I’d tried before, plus a few new pharmaceutic concoctions which not only smelled bad but left my fingers greasy all day. Then I went on to try a few homoeopathic remedies and several home-brewed potions, none of which worked. The only thing which provided mild relief and allowed me to go about my daily activities was super glue. I had a tube stocked in the fridge and would regularly plaster my cracks with the stingy liquid. This way the crack would seal, albeit temporarily, and the pain would disappear.

Then along came HEAVEN! I was struggling with my first crevice of the season, and dreading the winter months as usual, when Heaven crossed my path. I was given a few samples to try, and within 2 days the crack (which had started to bleed) had not only sealed completely, but the scar was already starting to disappear! The Black Label Venom Mask, with a few drops of S.O.S. oil, had achieved the impossible… less than a week later the scar was gone. Just one or two applications a day have ensured that no new cracks have formed since, which is something that I had deemed impossible. My hands are happy, useful hands once again thanks to a little cure I like to call Heaven.

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