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So with Santa`s visit almost here we can turn our thoughts to the grown-ups favourite time of the festive season `NEW YEARS EVE` and getting glammed up!

Bonne année

You have the party invites , you have the dress, shoes, bag etc…..and the one last thing you need now is PARTY SKIN and I can make sure you get just that!


I have the best tips to keep your make-up looking as fresh as the second you applied it right up to Big Ben ringing in the New Year!

Christmas although a very happy time for most, it can also be super stressful and this plays havoc with your skin, especially on Christmas day when you’re preparing and cooking the festive lunch. When we get stressed we sweat more, our pores open up and oil is secreted, and whilst the pores are open they absorb the first thing that you apply to your skin , which is more often than not Make-up, resulting in blocked pores = Spots !

Now you have New Years Eve party invites and your having a Christmas day spot breakout, arghhhh !

So there are two things you can do here to resolve this:

1, Get someone else to cook the festive lunch (sounds like a great idea to me) but we all know that is highly unlikely!


2, The only way to combat the dreaded spot breakout is to use the amazing Bee Venom Mask as a primer, that way your skin will take in anti-ageing and blemish protection instead of make-up!

And the best thing about applying Bee Venom Mask  as your skin Primer is , the heat generated from rushing around cooking and tending to everyone’s needs coupled with the metabolic rate of your skin will increase the abeetoxin™ effect from the Bee Venom, and helps to relax those lines and smooth the skin without a single injectable in sight !

Bee Venom Mask With Heaven`s Patented Abeetoxin™

Bee Venom Mask With Heaven`s
Patented Abeetoxin™

You will be ready to party with flawless, gorgeous skin!

And to finish…..don’t forget to take off your make-up when you get back from your parties in the wee small hours! no matter how tipsy you may be , never go to bed in your make-up because it causes premature skin ageing.

A quick once over with an Ellajane Celebrity Skin Wipe and you can hit the pillow, although I can’t help with the impending sore head when you awake, that is a job for the medicine cupboard!

Ellajane Wipes Packshot 268x268

Have a very Merry Christmas

Deborah x