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Cat Eyes Red Lips


Happy Tuesday my beloveds, how is this week treating you so far?

The snow started melting here but there’s still a lot of it and the grounds are  so slippery because it freezes at night. Every day I feel like I’m ice skating in the Olympics in my own yard.

Because of this horribly cold winter we had, I needed to upgrade my moisturising program. You’d think that oily skin takes cold better than normal skin does. Well, no. I still have to follow my skin care routine religiously, or else the pimple monster attacks me in my sleep and I wake up to an irritated face. Worst part is that it also hurts. How do the rest of you cope with this??

I’m currently using the SOS Oil from Heaven Skin Care along with my regular face products, although I was a bit surprised at first to find out…

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