Fabulous review on Heaven Scent Body spray 😎 xx

Cat Eyes Red Lips


Hello bunnies how are you? ^_^ Many of you dolls liked the TMI tag and said you’ll do it also, glad you enjoyed it and can’t wait to read all about you, you know how nosy I am. Today I’m letting you all be nosy too and showing you part two of my lovely gift from Donna, the Heaven Scent Body Spray

As you know I am a big fan of their products and I saw that those of you who tried them out also loved them. This was a new product to me, as I’ve never used a moisturiser in this form. 

Hearing the words “body spray”, I thought the Heaven Scent would be like a scented mist, you know, the kind you use only for refreshing and for the light fresh smell. But this particular product is actually more. But first things first.

Heaven Scent Body Spray…

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