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This 5 star line up is the perfect introduction to get you on the path to clear, radiant, fresher and younger looking skin!

Skin Polish Exfoliator:

A non-abrasive intense exfoliator reduces the signs of ageing. Contains Aloe Vera. This light refreshing clear gel contains fruit acid and Echinacea to gently extract toxins without harming theSkin Polsh Double strength Montage outer layer of the skin.



Youthful Moisturiser:

A night and day moisturizer with repairing Calendula oil, St Johns wort, lemon oil, frankincense renowned for its tissue repair and ylang ylang for oil balancing and vitamin C.

Here: http://www.heavenskincare.com/Products/Product.aspx?ID=9


Cleanse & Tone Facial Wash:

The herb, soapwort, gently lather dirt away and mandarin essentials oil exfoliates, no need to tone unless advised by your professional therapist. A lightweight gel to be used with water.



Peppermint Clarifying Lotion:

To balance and refresh

This lotion is a treatment toner that normalizes oil secretions, refines pores and balances the pH of the skin with peppermint and lavender water. It leaves the skin feeling very moisturised without any troubles. 



Ellajane Celebrity Organic Skinwipes:

These award-winning face wipes are the first ever wipes to use alone or with your skin care routine.These large organic  cloth cotton wipes contain apple pectin and are textured to exfoliate deep clean and even remove mascaraapples in basket

Containing Apple Pectin which works to dissolve and exfoliate skin cells, these facial wipes soften your skin as well as giving it a deep cleanse.
The Honey ingredients work to heal the skin whilst the extracts of peppermint help balance oily areas.
Suitable for all types of skin, the extra ingredient of peppermint oil is great for keeping blemishes at bay.
For extra cleansing the wipes can be used with any of the Heaven cleansing creams making them the first ever facial wipes to use with your daily skin care routine.

Here: http://www.heavenskincare.com/Products/Product.aspx?ID=199


Mothers day 5 star line up