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spring honey bee

We have had our first taste of spring these past few days, and I have to say “it feels good” and one of the things we all need to do when the seasons change is revisit our skin care routine.

Spring is such a lovely time of year to get you motivated in to thinking about that healthy radiant glow associated with this fresh and vibrant season. The things to ask yourself are… “Is it time to change from a cream cleanser to a wash off, or vice versa” “how does my skin feel and look after I have cleansed, does it look dull, dry etc..” We all have a preference and whatever yours , you can be sure heaven skin care has one that will suit yours.

Easter Cleansers FB Post 2014Cleansing is the part of my skin care that I just love, there is no better feeling than at the end of a long day removing all your make-up and letting your skin breath, it is also the part of your routine that acts as the building block to healthier looking skin…I am often asked the secret to great looking skin, and the answer is Cleanse, Cleanse and Cleanse…!


Cleansing removes excess oil and impurities from the skin and helps to restore the health and radiance. Cleansing also preps your skin for the next step in your routine.

It is important too , to get the correct cleanser for your skin type, Heaven skin care has your skin types covered..

Cleanse & Tone Facial Wash:

If you like the feel of water on your skin,then this cleanser is for you. Unlike most facial washes this doesn’t produce masses of bubbles, it just gently lathers and emulsifies all traces of make-up, and sloth’s away the daily grime to leave your skin feeling  clean and refreshed. It’s a great one to take away on holidays, as it’s a two in one it will cut down on your toiletry consumption giving you more room in your luggage for shoes!

Hydro Cleansing Milk:

This cleanser is a real treat if you have a dryer skin type, it’s a tissue off cream cleanser, that will not weigh your skin down , although it is rich enough to completely hydrate and go on hydrating because I have put in a secret ingredient that acts as a reserve for when your skin needs that extra moisture boost, like when your subjected to air conditioning or central heating, then the moisture reserves will kick in and rehydrate the areas that need it, its like having your own sprinkler system for your skin!



Limited Edition Cleanser:

This cleanser is a must if you have hormonal skin, I originally made this as a limited edition for a celebrity client, and as it was so popular it was made a key line in the cleanse range, you will love the balancing this cleanser restores to your skin. It is a lightweight anti-ageing cream cleanser that you can tissue or wash off (I like to wash off), I also like to add a few drops of SOS Oil to my cream cleansers to give them that added benefit boost. Also contains anti-ageing ingredients, organic coconut and Ylang Ylang.


Ellajane Celebrity Skinwipes:

I never go anywhere without these skin-wipes, and everyone that tries them is instantly hooked! I have them in my handbag, my office , my car and in every room in  my house, and they are not just for cleansing the skin, you can clean your teeth with too! so having them in your bag is a must if your out lunching!

When my daughter and I designed and developed these wipes we both knew they had to be something special and not just your average skin wipe, and that’s exactly what these wipes are, they are the best organic, 100% cotton wipes made with the finest ingredients that will remove every last trace of make-up. The apple pectin, and the fact the wipe is textured will help exfoliate dead skin cells, and the peppermint will help normalise oil secretions leaving your skin soft, clean and blemish free!

You can also use the wipes with any of the heaven cleansers, making them the first skin wipes ever to be used in conjunction with your daily skin care routine!

If you have any questions I would love to hear from you

Deborah x


So whatever you’re cleansing needs we have it covered!

All products are available on the website