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There is a fragrant aroma of chocolate in the air……and as if that wasn’t enough to make you smile, we also have a long weekend to look forward to!


Easter weekend is one I always look forward to, because it means family time, and with my busy lifestyle , Easter comes as a

choc meltedwelcome break from the norm, and along with this comes a mountain of chocolate that could fill Mr wonkers factory!


All chocolate at Easter is welcomed but none more so than Belgian Chocolate!

The great bonus about Belgian chocolate is that it has a lower sugar content, which means fewer calories too, although the outer shell of a chocolate egg is usually coated with extra sugar to give it that shiny glazed looked, so the inside contents of the egg are usually lower in sugar and calorie content.

So with this abundance of yummy chocolate around , instead of carrying the guilt of extra inches on the waste line, why not melt them down and pamper yourself with a chocolate face mask! (and yes you can lick the bowl afterwards)

What you need:

Milk Chocolate

One Spoon of yogurt

One Egg white

Start by melting the milk chocolate (resisting the temptation to eat it!) add one spoon of yogurt and one egg white.

Mix them together in a bowl, and apply to the face and neck and leave for 20 minutes.


As the mask sets on the skin the egg white ingredient Albumin will tighten and firm, and as it is also full of protein, will infuse the skin with its nutrients, and the live ingredients in the yogurt will have an antibacterial action on the skin.


After 20 minutes rinse off the mask with warm water and an Ellajane celebrity Skinwipe, to reveal brighter, clearer, firmer and younger looking skin !

…….and best of all it saves the waste-line!


This year we have teamed up with www.hugsandkissesgifts.co.uk to bring the ultimate in Easter Luxury.

Handmade Belgian Chocolate eggs, and inside each one a mystery along with a Heaven Skincare Voucher, anywhere from £10 to £100 to use at the Heaven Salon and Spa in Shifnal 

easter the one final !!


 Have a Heavenly Easter

Deborah x