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Don’t you just love this time of year, when you can see and feel that summer is just around the corner, everyone looks happier, more contented, colors return to your everyday wardrobe, the smell of BBq`s fills the tea time air etc etc…..do you get where I am going with this?, however with these wonderful visions comes the realization that
body-polish1your summer holiday is approaching and you want to look your best when you hit the golden sands right?



Up until now your body has been comfortably hidden under layers of winter clothes and the time has come to flash a bit of flesh….I can hear you all going into blind panic, don’t worry help is at hand!

I think the one thing none of us seem to have enough of these days is time, so having products that have multiple uses is always a welcome addition, and enables us to look after ourselves without it hindering our busy lifestyles.

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Heaven’s body washes are made with organic soap wort, so no heavy bubbles to dry out your skin, just rich natural ingredients to cleanse, hydrate and detox your skin, along with sensory benefits for mind-body and soul.

Cellulite Body Wash
Anti Cellulite Body wash to tone and tighten for total body confidence

Dream Body Wash
Dream Body Wash will ensure a restful sleep

Total Detox Body Wash
Total Detox Body wash to refresh and invigorate

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Using body scrubs and detoxing products will not just sloth away dead skin cells, they will kick-start circulation and break up fatty deposits stored in those stubborn areas, leaving clearer, brighter more toned skin, and circulation will improve dramatically.

Salt Glow
Salt Glow to smooth the body and leave you super soft

After Sports Body Wash
After Sports Body Wash to cool and calm those hot bodies

Heaven Scent
Heaven Scent body spray to awaken the senses and lift the spirits

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We all want tighter , toned firmed skin and with Heaven’s firming body range you can enjoy smoother dimple free skin. Slacked skin will become visibly firmer and fluid retention will be a distant memory, and your new softer skin will be everlasting.

Body Firming Moisturser
Body Firming moisturizer to firm slackened skin

Cellulite and Firming Cream
Cellulite and Firming Cream for smoother dimple free skin

Firming and Stretchmark Cream
Firming and Stretch Mark Cream to smooth and tone

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We never forget the hands at Heaven , and our hand and nail care range is designed to keep your nails healthy and strong, and your hands cleansed and super hydrated, infused with natural organic ingredients, our hand and nail care range will protect and keep your hands their youthful best.

Vanilla Pod
Vanilla Pod hand and nail to hydrate hands and strengthen nails

Velvet Hand Wash
Velvet Hand Wash will hydrate, freshen and restore PH balance

Velvet Hand Cream
Velvet Hand Cream for softer, smoother more youthful hands

You can enjoy all of these products.