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What does Rodeo drive have to do with heaven salt glow?

I was asked once to go to Los Angeles to stay in a mansion and occasionally do facials round the pool ‘ hard life eh! So off I went!


rodeo drive

At this party at the mansion some of the members of the band Duran Duran had got together with the light house family because they were recording and had a jamming session (how lucky did I feel to get up close and personal, and be witness too a private showing!)


I had the most wonderful time with my friend  Tracey Taylor (wife of one of Duran Duran band members) we went out shopping and visiting the area, it would have been rude not too considering the location we were in!
Tracy treated me to a day at a spa on Rodeo Drive, I chose a treatment called salt rub.
I lay on a table and got rubbed with course salt and sprayed  with water, while lying there I thought “this is a bit harsh” but I knew how good real salt is to detox the body so I hung on for dear life and planned my own salt treatment.

Andy & Tracey Taylor


Image Credit www.multinet.no

That evening relaxing in the mansion with my skin glowing I chatted to my friend as the music flowed from another room from the light house band jamming, and all the time I was developing my own Salt Glow Body products in my head!


Salt Glow KitThe new heaven salt glow treatment was born of fine Mediterranean Sea salt, algae and kelp mixed with a dreamy oil of jasmine (stops you wanting to eat and makes you feel fearless and contented)


The Salt Glow is rubbed on each area of the body, then each section has warm water gently poured on , as the salt dissolves on the surface of the skin, the muscles relax and you feel a sensation that your body is lifting right off the warm couch.

As the therapist gets to the end of the sea salt application, each limb is light as the toxins have disappeared and tense muscles have turned to smooth pain-free skin, but it’s not over yet! warm oil now gently effleuraged back along the journey the therapist hands have already taken.

You awaken a new glowing skin and uncluttered mind ….Heavenly!