i really love reading other people’s blogs, they seemed to get every thing right and I seemed to get it all wrong. 

My spelling is dreadful, my grammar, don’t even go there. Other people’s are prettier than mine. They are just the right size fat or thin. 


I’ve met so many clients that talk negative about them selves ( not their blogs) I want it to stop now. 

I do some times feel like the above about my blog, but I’m getting there, it can be that bad cause lots of people read it ? 

But your negative words about you in your head are wasting time to make your selves look more beautiful. Yes it is 

Beauty is a thought first. 

Eye of the beholder and all that, is right.  so who the hell are you to judge if your beauty shines out or not! 

So let it shine from you think beautiful thoughts and you see the change, 

really you will. 

I’m using spell check on my blog to help me get my spelling right, 

If you have lines and your preference is to erase them or soften at least  you can use the below tool like I do, it’s like a spell check, it can stop you focusing on one thing that makes you feel negative about your self , if you still do . 

 one of these #beeuties may have the key. 

  Don’t go for gold first if you never tried silver. It’s really great and you won’t want to go back to the 1st level  silver. #goldclub is a nice club to bee in 

only 500 in any country, numbered

bees collect pollen and save our skin too now. 

How does it work 

#beetoxin   Is in my #abeetoxin patent .  A mixture of Botulism (botox is the trade name) found in the hive naturally and bee venom the rest is classified. This has an incredible long term Youthful effect on the skin. 

I makes the skin think it’s been stung so it freezes muscles and relaxes them to slow down the blood flow thinking the poison would travel through the body, but of course it’s my atent#abeetoxin so the skin just gets to look younger. Fast  in fact one application can make you look upto 5 years younger.

 More applications the sky is the limit. Silver bee venom mask for line free skin

The #Beeutiful you

  •  Love you I do 
  • Take time for u
  • Look at the mirror image of the #beeutiful u


Do you like my blog post. ? 

Copywrite deborah mitchell Sunday 26th of July