I do normally lead a very exciting life, but this week has been building up to new exciting things, so I thought I’d share with you. 

My week began with one of my favourite clients, she has a lot of press so I can’t say who she is I’d be sent to the tower. 

Then I was off to a wedding, but it was in the afternoon so I wanted to look not too made up, my silk skin bee bee cream was just the answer, the wedding was 4 in the afternoon and I did not want to burn my nose, it’s the closest to the universe by far.  

 I so nervous when I’m in social places so I usually drink a bit to relax but I had great fun,   Love these photo booths, you had to change quick before the next shot, every one chatted when they were waiting in line.  Here the link 

 The days that followed were fun, meetings with a difference. 

Monday was catching up PR, twitter, please follow me by the way @heavenskincare is the work one but it’s quite personal cause I do it. The @deborahheaven one is personal and workie cause I do that too! 

Tuesday funday 

My packaging supplier came to my house and we sat drinking coffee and looking a new and exciting ways to make my new formulas look great for you. I’ve made a couple more. They will be out for #Christmas no pictures !! 

So off to my famous hair dressers http://www.roystonblythe.co.uk/

     And I was ready to go out for the evening  
Used the cleanse and moisturise to pre my skin before my bee bee cream ( running short on my bee venom) 

So Eva and Nicky arrive and I do their makeup too. 

All in about half an hour. Note to self makeup blog 

Wednesday my moms poorly so pop round and see her. Used my new cream ( out #christmas) she did not mind testing  she loved it 

Her feet were all dry and a bit uncomfortable, they weren’t after I finished with my new bee peel oh now I’ve spilt the beans! You’ll have to wait though till later that’s my way of saying I’m not sure when it’s out. Lots more tests and not just on my mom! 

    So my lovely daughter Ella jane is busy while waiting for her exams, she’s helping me with PR stuff  this was here leavers ball from her school she’s just turned 18 didn’t have a party must be a real stingie mom. I got her a very nice cakehttp://www.wenlockcakecompany.co.uk/about.html

 It’s   Beautifulhttp://www.wenlockcakecompany.co.uk/about.html 


Which brings me to the end of the week I did this mailer for all the people who have added themselves on our lists about 30,000 so if your not one of them and want to be joint our web site and tick the yes box. We do one about other week 

This is great the kits are worth £32.50 they are going in the new hotel at Birmingham airport http://www.resortsworldbirmingham.co.uk/      

 In every room now that’s worth staying ! 



  I can’t wait to see the opening 
Date to be confirmed. 

So it’s Sunday morning and I’ve got to get up now,  have a great day. 

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