why do they say that my friend said I am relaxed! 

I know you are but you don’t look it , the lights so bright she said. 

Well I thought no matter how bright that light is sun glasses won’t stop that frown. 

How rude could I seem if. …

Gave her my bee venom mask. It turns out not at all she was so pleased.The constant thank you’s said it all. 

She used the black bee venom morning and night, straight away it was like she’d gone to a spa for a week.

She does use moisturiser and a very expensive one but not some thing to relax lines and certainly one you can use around eyes and on lids. 

I can’t say enough how happy I was that it worked so well for her. I love making my products, the black bee venom was a total success for the word go. Stronger than the silver and available to all not like the gold which is rare and in available ( sorry) its not my fault blame it on the bees there is only one queen bee in every hive so this Black bee venom mask

Is super good a quarter of gold in every jar. Works a treat. 

Other products that go well are Black age defiance

This is like a filler but hydration to all over the skin . 

So #botoxandfiller in a organic skincare range.  


I love this cream it helps my skin stay clear of spots and lines , what more could I ask for 


So my friends were happy. You will be too. Not sure email for a sample!