Hi I wanted to share my bee sting facial with you

 NI can’t explain how good it feels because I’ve never had my hands on me. But I have felt all the salons over the world who I’ve trained. I never want to get off the bed.

 Discription Heaven’s Bee Sting Facial is a natural face lift which transforms the skin, working on all the tell-tale signs of tiredness and ageing (including lines, pigmentation, puffy eyes and loose tissue around the chin) making you look instantly younger after just one treatment. What is it The treatment combines a series of hands on techniques to relax facial muscle tissue to firm and tighten for smoother, more youthful skin.

I close my eyes and feel the clients energy, vibrating, my lotions and potions smell delicious, as I work, the skin changes with each touch.


Heaven’s Bee Venom Mask is the key product used in this facial which contains ingredients that work in synergy with the Bee Venom ingredient, including Manuka Honey to sooth and heal as well as Shea Butter, Rose & Lavender (as well as Heaven’s secret ingredientabeetoxin ). The natural antibiotics within the Bee Venom itself helps the skin to heal and also prevent allergies, making this treatment ideal for sensitive skin.others include the beautiful Hydro gels-they firm and hydrate CLICK TO BUY.   

when a toner is not just a toner amd a primer is a foundation for perfect skin.

I move over the head and I feel instantly the Scull that was tight and stiff, relax. It doesn’t matter what room my clients are in they all feel like they are here. 


The Bee Sting Facial relieves modern day stresses and bad posture (caused by leaning over computers, texting, and sedentary lifestyles of long working hours). Heaven’s Bee Sting Facial repositions the skull and jaw, helping to realign the rest of the body, releasing tension – as well as making you look and feel younger. The techniques used throughout the Bee Sting Facial are exclusive to Heaven, having been developed by Deborah Mitchell.

After just one treatment, skin will be left looking and feeling youthful and glowing – delivering the results of botox without needles.

I had a thought what if they could do this at home, how young would they look. 

  i made this kit, so all you need to do is follow the easy quick guild and you too can do this at home. 

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