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Rosacea is a skin condition that no one has ever been able to pin down the real cause of, however what I can do is tell you what can trigger it, and how to alleviate some or all of the symptoms.

It is not known what causes the abnormalities, but what we do know is, collagen damage from UVA and UVB light can lead to the blood vessels dilating , resulting in visible redness, thread-veins and inflammation. On a more personal level a major benefactor is, the more stress a Rosacea sufferer is susceptible too ,  the more likely he or she will experience more discomfort and more visible eruptions.


Triggers of Rosacea:

Different people will have different triggers,  the list below will help give you a little guide as to what triggers your own rosacea, and how to avoid them in the future, always remember that if we keep our feelings hidden inside it will manifest itself on the outside by aggravating the Rosacea.

  • stress (big factor)
  • strenuous exercise
  • alcohol
  • hot baths
  • cold weather
  • spicy foods
  • caffeine (found in tea, coffee and cola)
  • dairy products

The heaven products that I would recommend to get you on the path to clear, calm skin with clarity you have strived to achieve for probably many years are listed below.

Step One:

Limited Edition Cleanser

Limited edition Montage

I originally made this cleanser for one of my clients when she had hormonal problems. It was supposed to be a limited edition but everyone loved it so much I had to make more, a must have cleanser for Rosacea sufferers as it is gentle, none foaming and will not dry or irritate the skin, it also has the benefits of anti-ageing and helps to balance those pesky hormones!

Step Two:

Camomile De-sensitiser

This treatment toner contains chamomile and azulene for their anti-allergenic properties, so it is perfect for calming and soothing the skin . It will also help to normalise and re-balance ready for the next step in your routine whilst reducing redness in the skin.

Step Three:

Age Defiance Moisturiser

Age defiance montage 2

The added ingredient of Tea Tree oil in this product will help to reduce scar formation, calm Rosacea and restore balance within the skin.  is a complex moisturising formula designed to inhibit the ageing process by holding water within the skin.
Age Defiance has been specially formulated to consist of that unique ingredient that will help keep your skin looking young, by plumping out fine lines and wrinkles.  Ideal as a make-up base, Age Defiance contains Vitamins B and C, to protect your skin from everyday pollutants.
After just one application of Age Defiance Moisturiser Cream you will notice a visible difference.

Step Four which can also be incorporated into step two:




This product creates a whole new experience to your skin care regime , as it feeds and nourishes the skin, your nails will become stronger, dry hair will appear silky, also helps repair dry and cracked areas, reduces skin blemishes and removes blackheads, contains Organic Calendula Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Beta Carotene. This little bottle of amber nectar is a must for every skin type not just Rosacea sufferers, the second it hits your skin it is soaked up like a sponge taking in water, plumping, repairing, hydrating and soothing and above all protecting.

Step Five:

Bee Venom Mask

Bee Venom Mask With Heaven`s Patented Abeetoxin™

Bee Venom Mask With Heaven`s
Patented Abeetoxin™

The ultimate compliment to a fantastic skin care routine is my signature Bee Venom Mask . This award winning product mimics the action inject-able beauty does but in a more subtle and more importantly natural way, allowing you to still keep your facial expressions whilst looking younger, fresher and radiant. It is a luxurious cream that you can see and feel working instantly. It contains Heaven`s Gold Stevie award winning patented ingredient ABEETOXIN™, along with softening and calming Shea Butter, Rose and Lavender essential oils,  leaving you looking your youthful best. You’re skin will look and feel instantly younger, smoother and comfortable.

It is also imperative to have regular facials to ensure your routine skin care is monitored and maintained and to help you relax and keep that inner calm present.

the merch 14

I would like to share with you all one last thing….. I too have Rosacea, and I got this after having my daughter Ellajane late in life which plays havoc with your hormones, I am very careful not to let this flare up, and by sticking to a strict skin care routine and always aware not to keep my feelings hidden, you would never know it was there.

Now I know your looking and thinking I can’t buy all of these what do I buy?
Always buy Age Defiance Moisturiser first this makes the biggest difference straight away!
Then SOS Oil , this can be added to any Skincare to help your skin, but also you can use it as a midnight oil to really solve your skin ASAP
If Money is no object then Black Label Overnight Success
Heaven skincare, have products that you will look forward to using and products that are innovative and give you clear visible results in a natural and organic way.
Hmm sounds like a good deal to me!

If any of you have any questions you would like to ask me personally, I am always happy to help.

Deborah x