I know I have not wrote for a long time, I have been ever so busy. 

Those who follow me on Twitter and like our Heaven Skincare Facebook page will know that I have recently been to Dubai on business.  

Let me set the scene…For the first 6 days of our 3 week trip, my family and friends came for a holiday which was very enjoyable and very stress relieving 

So we traveled down to London Heathrow and went through boarder control, and we started to venture through the shopping area. Normally I do not usually buy things for my self, however as a walked past Chanel I couldn’t resist! So I bought my very first Channel makeup bag! I was so so exited. I could not decide to fill it with my makeup or wait. So stupidly I waited. 

Soon after we got on the plane and headed to Dubia. After our 14 hour jouney we arrived at the hotel and checked in. As I was unpacking. I had this horrible feeling come over me, I have lost my Chanel make up bag! After I got on the plane and went to collect the luggage I realised that I left it. I was a little pevied! 
After the 6 days holiday with my family, me and my daughter started the work! The heaven Dubia offices are absolutely breath taking and possibly one of my greatest achievements! (I think Ella thinks that, I think it’s my children)  

 I had lots of new spa’s to visit and so many magazines. A little sun too.   


 I had a thought in the hotel, my food kept getting spooky by the wrong smell on the hand wash. I wanted a product to look after my hands and help me enjoy my food. So I made this. 

 Afternoon tea click to buy Buy now

It smells like limes and grapefruit ( to increase digestion)  and the moisturiser you can smell little hints of rose (used to stop red hands)    Both are a must. 

@@londonlashnbrow is the Twitter Handel for this new concept jus launched its the first organic permatint  

 this is one of our meetings, we were discussing the colour of the applicators to apply permatint. It’s fab you can swim and go in the sun and wake up to make up. For such a long time the colour stays on hair for upto eight weeks and skin it varies between one week and 3. 

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When I came back my skin was in need of some hydration these serums were ideal, I used the clarifying one to help my pigment which popped out a bit in the sun. 

 I had a thought,,,#Christmas A gift to treasure buy here