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If you’re headed to the mountains this SKI season, firstly I’m extremely jealous and secondly have you packed your SKI suit? And why’s that? To protect you from the cold and snow? Ok good thinking!

But what about your face? How are you going to protect your face? The mountains are beautiful, but the conditions are extremely harsh on your skin, aside from the freezing temperatures, the UV in the atmosphere is enhanced and to top of all that off, it reflects onto your FACE from the snow! If the temperature gets cold enough, did you know that moisture droplets in your skin can freeze too? And this causes skin stretching and enlarged pores. No thank you.

My new Vanilla Pod Hand & Nail Cream from the stratosphere range is gentle enough to use to use on your face and is perfect for mountain conditions! Use Vanilla Pod as your day face cream when skiing, as it stops all the dryness, and waterproofs your skin! This will stops any moisture droplets in your skin from freezing! Follow this with Bee-Venom Mask for extra protection and my Silk Skin BeeBee Creams have a natural SPF of 20, to deflect any of the atmospheric UV from causes damage to your skin cells!


And then what about Apres-Ski? You’ve been skiing, you had a great day, and you protected your skin, but you need a little nourishment to heal from the environmental aggressors.

I recommend cleansing the mountain of your face with my Hydro Cleansing Milk, which will cleanse and heal the burn of any wind chill, followed by my Chamomile Desensitising Hydrogel to calm, soothe and re-hydrate your weathered skin! Moisturise with Overnight Success which is oxygenating, as we all know there is less oxygen at altitude, and add a few drops of LIA Oil Serum to the cream to really intensify the moisturising properties! Both Overnight Success and LIA Oil Serum reduce redness on sensitised skins and will leave you with a fresh healthy glowing complexion! Your skin will look amazing! I told you I was jealous!

Now stay safe, stay hydrated and stay young!