I thought I’d let you into my world for a short while, I hope it doesn’t wear you out reading it.

Jan 2016,

Packing for travel, my flights were booked by http://www.corptraveller.co.uk

 I use thes cause they get the best flight to suit me for the very best rate..I check some times and it’s always the best value.


I want all my thinks light and easy, I now have two sets of every thing I can and leave them in my case when I come back ready for my next trip.

This inspired my offer  Free travel kits click here

 I thought it would be nice for you to have your kit prepackaged

Traveling light is important because I needed all my exhibition stock.

The kits above were just right for me because I use the cleanser a lot and it contains my after sun too, the lavender keeps my tan and stops my skin suffering from burns. I always bee polish while I’m away, it helps my get and even colour and also keeps it longer.

If I go on a long journey I do have to take this bigger kit.

So I’m making a special price to help you all get this. So it gives you a big saving.

So I flew Virgin I get air miles now so I really do like to treat myself to 1st class

So I arrive. fresh above is my offices 27 marina plaza.

This time I stay close to get more work done The address marina

So handy 4 mins walk and through a lovely shopping centre

So off to work l, I had a new staff member to meet Grace Andrews you may know her from Towie.

  This is Lindsay my general manager of Heavenskincare Dubai  with her .
We were organising our up and coming exhibition.
do we choose pink or grey carpet was on  the agender

We went pink but didn’t know till the day of the exhibition if we’d made the right choice.

Grace got her London lash and brows done by Lindsay and I. While on the phone to OK magazine  
After a bit of accounting, Then I was back to my hotel with a lovely view of our offices

More emails till the wee hours as Lindsay would say, she’s Scottish. I’m half so still counts

We sell to the most beautiful spas in Dubai so naturally I had to visit and check out our training.

Meeting clients too .

The days that followed were planning our new brochour and the exhibition.

I takes me ages to write because I’m dyslexic. But I made heaven so it’s me who tells you how to use and why. This new concept we were launching in Dubai to help people understand heavens suits all skin #problems  fixes them too.


Ruth and Julie our Uk and Dubai trainers and experts in #londonlashandbrow
  Grace looking thoughtful
  My angel wall, love it 

Me and some of the team of Dubai sales. With the #noproblem wall.

I got my lashes done. In 25 mins  I was a new Russian look. It’s amazing how many more people look at you if you flutter eye lashes, and you wake up like this. 

So now I just quickly wash over with this Cleanse and foam and I’m done and dusted.

The hydrogels are another super duper lash cleaner. Ever so difficult to clean false lashes normally but heaven products are different and hydrate and clean with out loosing a lash.

After the exhibition I was back home to my mom

It was her birthday

This is an old pic of me and her in my conservatory. I had made my first product then.

Who would think I would then have offices in places like Dubai, China, Tiawan and America