Before telling you what you should avoid… 

I’m going to tell you a funny story.

When I was 31 and totally career focussed, yep 

Working at the Holiday inn, flying here there and every where and I get the feeling (if you know me I have these odd feelings) someone is pregnant I say. So no-one owns up . 

A couple of days later I’m feeling a little peaky and I ask Emma to get me some lemsip, so she comes back with a whole load of stuff and a kit for pregnancy. 

Ummm it’s me! I’m pregnant, the rest is history or the next blog post. Either way my skin wanted to go to pot. 

I was not about to let it! 

I was having morning sickness and having to work. 

So I thought right, peppermint is my saviour 

Peppermint oil if used 5 days and two days off stops morning sickness or reduces it in my case dramatically . All my clients had peppermint oil massages.

Now I have the peppermint hydrogel and it really does help my clients who are pregnant.  Peppermint/cleansing and toning

 Skin cleaning alleviates sickness a break through why could I not have developed this in my day. Another is ELLAJANE face wipes

They are so refreshing any time #ORGANIC so also good for #baby too  
So back to my pregnancy, I saw my body changing and thought I’m ok I won’t get stretch marks and you know I nearly did if I had not been developing my creams my body would have been on a slow boat to China and never to return! 

I put my stretch mark cream every where literally every where. Stretch mark oil 


And .. I never had one mark not one! 

My mom had loads with me so I know it was in the genes . (Sorry mom) 

What I did not know until I went on Tv, My stretch mark cream helps stretch marks that are blue, turns them skin colour. I was amazed, sounds strange when you make something but you don’t know how good it really is until it’s right in your face. 

We sold out that day and it’s been a favourite every since. Stretchmark cream

FIRMING-AND-STRETCH-MARK-CREAM_BLACK It was so important to me to help people’s skin but also to be really carefully what thier pregnant bodies were taking in. Organic safe ingredients were so important to skincare users, they could be like me and not know they were #pregnant!

So I only used the Very Best #organic ingredients to help the skin florish  and although immediate results were the Height of my priority list, safety was a quick second third and forth.

So that said there is no products that pregnant women cannot use on thier face and body in my heavenskincare range.

Apart from anti-cellulite   body wash  and cream but straight after birth they are ideal products to use to shape up.

Things to avoid when pregnant, were the old wife’s tales true. 

Hanging out washing -avoid  yes you can over stretch and can detach the ubelical cord birth.

Using essential oils-not all but some to avoid.

Rosemary non organic because it contains thoujone in high doses which increases blood stimulation. You can use hydro cleansing milk because it’s Rosemary extract not oil.

 Clary sage too is another increasing blood stimulation.

If your not sure avoid any woody essential oils. This includes shampoos and bubble baths from super market chains even if they do not contain warnings to pregnancy.

Lots of gin ! Yes avoid, it does increase blood supply it’s made from juniper berry  which over stimulates kidneys.

Unpasteurised cheeses are a well known one to avoid .

Reflexology avoid when pregnant because it over stimulate. That does not mean you can’t ask you other half to give you a gentle foot rub!

So those old wives new their stuff

One last one is don’t have perms! It either goes too curly,too dry or straight and won’t curl.  My two great friends Nick and Royston ROYSTONBLYTHE  not just award winning hair dressers but TV personalities too. They would always recommend patch testing if you really needed it doing.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my blog post speak soon Deb X