I never ever want to get stuck not getting into the size debate.

Great seat because the extra large size suits me . No 

A small plane actually has small seats 

Yep really 

Now I know I’m sitting 8 d 

And he’s super handsome now what do I do to get extra leg room 

It’s not good with my postirior requirements. They are big … Requirements now sitting by him !! 

God where have you gone 

That’s it is we go out of stock it’s me that’s using it.

Get my kidneys working 

Double quick 

Juniper it’s in abunadance please I need it. 

I want not just my celulight gone but ( oh my god he spoke ) but half of my body .

Asked if I could get off his seat belt but 

It does count (honest?) talking is talking .
I’m signing off now because I’m dying of lack of food