Last week I let just 100 gold bee venom eyes to be sold.


 i am so amazed by this beeutiful product,

I worked at the Heaven spa in Shifnal and a lovely elderly lady asked if the gold would be for her. I thought I’d apply some first, as I was appling it, the cream on my fingers looked like it was erasing her lines, so I applied it all over her face and she looked years younger. She and her daughter bought one.

I thought I must make more.

Why I can’t.

All gold is made from my Queen bee ABEETOXIN®.

This makes the bee venom contained in it so special, it’s extra strong, the queen bee uses this to protect her her young bees, so chooses one to feed Royal jelly to, that then becomes the new queen. The venom protects with antibiotic properties

This is what I use for all my gold collection.

The queen bee can sting many times but there is only one in each hive so it’s very rare.

I get many messages on Facebook and Twitter that are lovely thank you, I did however get one that was not so nice. It was a lady saying she did not think there was only a limited number of gold products and did not think you could only buy it once. Well I did put her straight and this is why I want to explain to all why I limit the number to clients.

Heaven Bee Venom ABEETOXIN® is patented, it’s strong, fresh and super effective in smoothing lines and reject sting skin so much so clients have called it an alternative to Botox, I however would say it can be an alternative or to use as well as an injectable Botulinum Toxin. With none of the side effects, just perfectly smooth skin.

Where does it come from.. The last time I wrote where I bought part of my crops from the copycat companies pretended they bought it from the place I did. So no addresses here but I buy it from a charity that the money is used to help the healing work of the venom and other bee super strength ingredients are used.

This is why I know mine is so strong because if it can help cancer, arthritis and other terrible illnesses that I won’t list here, I know not only will it be perfect for line reduction but also the money is put to good use in building this Charity.


 Gold bee venom eyes and other line smoothers.       Click to look really young 

When you buy you become a gold club member , you recieve a member number letters presents and discounts just for you.


74 Bee Venom Eyes have been made, I said 100 would be available, I wish I was making more but I need the gold queen bee ABEETOXIN® for my fantastic Gold Bee Venom Mask. 

Well I hear you say what’s black then.?


It’s silver and gold mixed it’s very effective and not limited to one purchase.

Line smoothing, skin regenerative, moisturising and an amazing base.

You could actually say amazing grace when you use it.

Appling my Heaven products restores your faith in skin care actually making your face younger. 

Now I’m off to London now

Not to see the queen this time !

Happy birthday your royal highness

Queen bee