Skin has to be right on the night.

My invitation came to Sandra my PA, to go to the Peaky Blinders premiere of their new episodes.

I love the show so there was no thinking should I or shouldn’t I go. For those of you that have not had the pleasure of seeing it the story is set in the 1920’s with the Shelby family as gansters of their time.

The Price’s are mentioned in the show and although I don’t think they were gansters they were gypsys and part of my family heritage.

Thomas Shelby is played by Cillian Murphy he’s gorgeous



Royston Blythe

Of course I started my day by following my 5 step regime of cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturise then mask, so my skin was prepared for later on in the day as I knew I wouldn’t have much time. So late afternoon i got my London lashes on and eye brows darkened an Angel touch facial because I was short of time (these are part of our express range of treatments to get the best look in the shortest time). I topped off with my Bee Venom Mask and tanned in our tanning lounge.


Getting ready with anticipation of my evening to come was better than waiting for Christmas.

Dress on and the White 7 car arrived


Drinking a a little Champers on the way

When we arrived at the Mailbox in Birmingham we walked straight to the Red Carpet. I couldn’t believe my ears the photographers were calling me by name to pose. Standing there the last 25 years, melted away working long hours as a mobile therapist unable to afford products so had to make my own.

…then i’m here, standing with Liza and grabbing her to pose with me. #humbled


I do think he’s a hunk,

 The Every man theater a great cinema, sitting on comfy settees and drinking champers with popcorn.

Safe to say there were lots of VIP’s, from the cast, comedians, radio & TV presenters to football club owners.

So both Lisa and I thought the night could not get any better. But it did…

Who should sit by us and chat but the beautiful man him self!

Not the best pic in the world of me but I ended up being the official photographer, Lisa was other wise engaged.

In the end I just had to pull Lisa away our carriage awaited and we were getting far too giddy.

#peakyblinders #heaven #cillianmurphy