We have wonderful men’s and women’s skincare and then we have unisex. 

Skincare that suits both sexes.

I do not advocate stealing, but “borrowing” your partners Heaven range is like ‘Benefit borrowing’ and if you think about it they are Benifiting  because they see you looking younger & fresher.

First let’s go for His skin care.

Close Shave Cream  it’s for delicate  areas, moisturising as you shave. Leaving skin softer and even in colour too,  it’s such a neat close shave, men love this for sensitive heads or if they can’t shave without redness. So for your delicate shave areas it’s 100% the product to borrow. Or just buy him two!

I pinch my husbands for my shaving, leaves my skin smooth. He goes mad  but I don’t mind cause I did bring one back for myself and he had that one too.

Sensitive Close Shave


The next is the After Shave product

We women have our Hydrogels they could pinch for their shave  but theirs is soooo good they have Post Shave Refining Hydrogel with lots of extra moisturising properties from its unique form of net like molecules that help refine and refresh skin, the smell is gorgeous, it has Sandalwood which is great for healing those little nicks that could happen if you shave with other brands, not Heaven of course. The Sandalwood sends off messages to others that you are good enough to eat, (well not literally but metaphorically if you get my drift) but at least kiss.

Post shave refining hydrogel


Ummm… the 02 Eye Cream is made from superior  performance ingredients, so it could penetrate the thicker eye area of men’s stronger tissue. Works a treat taking down bags of our eye area.

o2 Eye cream


Bee Venom Mask, when we had events at our flag ship store in my little Shifnal village the men used to pop into the Wine bar next door and say “don’t forget our Bee Venom Mask.” So I thought I make some for them it has a little ‘3’ on the front so they no which one is theirs. It can reduce lines faster than the women’s version only because it’s used so much. Smoothing, softening those stress lines making us all look fresher and younger. What’s wrong with that! (The choice for handsome skin is Black or White, strong or sensitive).



I asked my husband what he thought of me pinching his Heaven 4 Men products. Do you know what he said, “It’s mine, I like it now I’m getting older, no I don’t want you to pinch it”

That night, that very evening, he shouts out of the bathroom. “Deb, Deb Deeeb”!,

“Yes, yes, yes”… I say. Hubby: “Urrrrrrr where is THE… Overnight Success Oxygen Cream?”

I ask you really!?, as I handed it to him I thought. ……



….Divine Cream, Overnight Success, Hydro Cleansing Milk and lots more of ours we need to hide…

to Bee continued….

Love Deb, Deb, Deeeeb!!