The last part of my unisex skincare…

When I make a product I look at how really useful and effective it is. This men’s shave and beard rub is one of those products that has endless uses. Men really love this for its calming shave with precision accuracy. Like the most expensive lubricating oil it can direct a razor to the perfect line with a moisturising sheen on hairs of a short or long beard. 

So why would partners like to PINCH IT? 

…well it’s so good for conditioning all types of skin, the Calendula and Sandalwood smell fantastic as the skin condition repairs, women have told me how they like to add a drop to their cream to super boost the efficiency. 

NAILS, FACE, HAIR, SHAVE AND FOOT CARE. Will he have any left? 

So gentle it can even heal Eczema on babies when a few drops are massaged in.  

This is the face of our mens range JAMIE ROCHE AND HIS DAUGHTER Elodie. 


So back to this blog… 

Our Age defiance is so good for him it helps Psoriasis, blemishes, firming skin and great for helping improve those fine lines with the fantastic combination of Vitamins and naturally derived Hyaluronic acid. 

But it’s ours! Well both of yours if he treats you to it. 

He would BEE your angel I’m sure… 

Unisex it must bee, our men have to look good ! They need our help.

Your partner is worth it… show him how much you love him.. He wants Heaven….


He now knows he can take a bit of yours…

So Father’s Day is your saving grace….


Get him some 

Father’s Day soon… 19th June  click here to go straight to the mens range