I get to travel a lot and sometimes I’m the person who is invited to the vip events, others they are mine.

DO YOU EVERY THINK ‘I WISH I COULD GO’?… well, maybe you can…

Last week I was at the Derby Epsom, invited to be at a very salubrious table.

The organiser had bought all #goldbeevenommasks for his famous guests

60ml Hestia Gold Bee Venom Mask Light effect

Click here to BEE a gold beauty

Walking into to the room I have to confess I wasn’t the most relaxed, the guests were so lovely though, I quickly settled in to looking at the hats, flowers and finery.

I didn’t bet on this horse he seemed too relaxed.

Or this one he wasn’t warmed up enough to win

I love sea food,

The rac building we were in was stunning. Members Only club.

So, for once I was happy to be ‘in the club’.

The banquet consumed, we were lead to the best seats at the races.

Queens Stand, yes… you get to meet the Queen.

Then we all go back for afternoon tea.

These are pics I can post others I can’t.

All were excited to use their Heaven Skincare, I knew although they were beautiful and handsome they would look sooooo much better tomorrow after my #beevenommask

Other vip events you have seen me at on #twitter #facebook #linkedin, have all been fun and very much a whirlwind of excitement.

So now it’s your chance to shine and be showered with goody bags, eat food fit for a queen, mix with the celebrity friends I’ve come to know in my time.

So how can you…

An invitation for two will be chosen from www.heavenskincare.com. Make any purchase from Heaven’s website and enter the code: CELEBRITY1 at the checkout

Another invitation for two will be chosen from all of our social media. www.facebook.com/heavenskincare. Like the competition post and share it. @heavenskincare Twitter: favourite the competition tweet and retweet it, or ReBlog this blog.

SIMPLE. Winners will be picked and informed on Monday 13th June.

I am choosing people to join me next Wednesday. Rub shoulders with VIPs and see the launch of my new product. That’s going to be publically launched in September.

Good luck #Deb