Most sun care & after sun creams, (all maybe) calm heat & moisturise and that’s it!!!

Heaven After Soother instantly neutralises the burn. An extreme intensity support program for your skin. Hot weather can be so damaging to your skin, so use a product that on contact with the skin changes red to brown by healing the tissue. 

After Soother was the first ever product I made… It’s special and has not changed.

When applied to a burn it completely stops it carrying on ‘cooking your skin’.

Have you ever noticed you go a little red after being in sun and as the evening goes on you get hotter,  redder and then very sore. This is the skin carrying on cooking. 

AFTER SOOTHERS complex formulae stops this chain reaction that can be so damaging to the skin. You see a burn is actually a scar of sorts that needs actual minuet medical attention to stop this scaring, pigment damage, crepe skin, break down of connective tissue & lines.  

This creamy organic lotion made with British Lavender, silk protein & tea tree oil, heals the skin tissue changing… DAMAGE TO DELIGHT! so you get a lovely even tan with less or no lines.


Tip: You can also apply pre-sun care to help ward of mosquitos and pre-prep skin as it gently tans.

A4-After-Soother-posterSo remember a tan is a burn so treat it with respect and it won’t harm you.


Silk Skin BeeBee Creams. Factor 20.

Looking great on the beach and get protected. 

I chose this factor 20 so you can get a glow in the sun and look good while doing so.

Our BeeBee Creams are a wondrous invention. I made them for me so I looked younger, fresher and line free.

 Does it work?

I can throw my BeeBee Cream on and I look younger instantly, it gives me a fresh look, if I’m short of time I use it on its own (or a bit on the lazy side) I know that my skin has bee venom to relax my over enthusiastic expressions, with hyaluronic skin plumper system to fill my lines and a feeding system, all with colour.

I just love the look it gives me. 

Silk Skin BeeBee Creams benefits:

• Moisturiser that tints your skin • Anti-ageing • Hydrates fine lines and wrinkles

• Contains silk which makes the skin soft • Available in 3 tints • Contacts 4% DSA

• Achieves a natural colour • Sun protection factor 20 • Not a talc make-up • Firming

• Make-up you can go to bed in • Contains hyaluronic acid and bee venom

• Has the same basis of Age Defiance Cream • Helps repair spots.

BB Creams and colours

It’s also a unisex product, due to it’s light non heavy appearance that blends so well with the skin, my creative Duncan told me “You know I have sensitive skin especially after shaving Debs, well I have tried the BeeBee Cream after I have shaved when I haven’t had the Sensitive Close Shave Cream with me, well it has a tint that hides the redness, it moisturises my face and I can feel the heat reducing, it really does heal”.

I said… ‘there you go, it Hides & Heals’.


If you want heavier coverage without looking older and caked, I mix my foundation with my BEEBEE Cream.

You asked for sun protection, I give you sun repair…

Prism age defiance, click here to buy a solution to younger skin CLICK

shutterstock_600920690 [Converted].eps


Prism Light Defiance Technology is an invention of mine to repair skin tissue after exposure to light, but it worked so well during sun exposure, it releases a peptide that produces collagen and your skin actually gets younger looking. 

CLIENTS ASKED CAN IT BE USED IT AT NIGHT: I was going to laugh because it works with light, but then I thought no don’t laugh, if I produce an app to activate the anti-ageing of this cream at night then we get younger while we sleep:

I WANT TO PUT THIS IN MASSIVE LETTERS, shouting from the roof tops !!! 

IT WORKS, it actually makes skin get younger on contact with light. 

Yes, the light that was bad for you (UVA, UVB, INFRARED, VIS (Phones, Tablets, Computers) is now good for you. 

Mirrical, mirrecal, miriacal I don’t really care that I can’t spell (being Dyslexic and very excited) it but it’s an absolute god-send, maybe even from the real Heaven above. 

I have know idea how I mange to do it but it is a Miracle!!! (Phew found it).

You must try it, I don’t have samples yet but if you buy and don’t see the very best improvement. You can always send it back and we will refund your money. I’m that confident.

Oh but if you do and the jar is half empty I’ll know you like it really! 😉


The PRISM Technology APP can be downloaded to use with Prism Age Defiance Cream to enhance your treatment and repair your skin at home Prism click to buy


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You really won’t regret buying them.


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